Poppy Ovenden

Poppy Ovenden
Durham University


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In case you missed it: ‘How can we keep students safe?’ panel discussion

The Pro-Vice Chancellor, chief of police and other leading figures talked about Durham, drink and the river

The Sunday Times thinks Durham is beaut

It also thinks we’re really fit and and don’t wear much

New ‘safety measures’ to be introduced in Durham

They include ‘reviewing ways to tackle the availability of cheap alcohol’

9,000 appeal for increased river safety following Euan Coulthard’s disappearance

Search moves onto river itself from banks, body discovered NOT that of the Law second year

Durham student killed herself after being accused of false rape claim

Now an investigation is being launched into her death

Professor becomes thriller writer after cancer diagnosis

Calls himself Jack Carey

How to pull an Anthropology student

We answer that question on everyone’s lips…

Cuth’s singing starlet drops new tech problems banger

Zoe Robinson is back with a vengeance

5 ways to break up with someone before the holidays

A pool of endless sexual opportunity is on the approach, and POPPY OVENDEN wants to make sure you can enjoy it properly.

VOTE NOW: Durham’s worst college

POPPY OVENDEN hands the age-old question over to the people.

Why Durham clubbing is just dreadful

The Durham nightlife: it’s the thing we all love to hate. POPPY OVENDEN has some reasons to actually hate it.

Cuth’s fashion show makes a storm

Poppy Ovenden reviews the Cuth’s Fashion Show

QUIZ: What’s your perfect Durham date destination?

You need to take someone out, and you don’t have a clue where to take them? No sweat, The Tab is here with a fool-proof and highly scientific quiz to point you in the right direction.

Cuth’s get colourful against cancer

Preceding their impending fashion show, the beautiful men and women of Cuth’s found themselves frolicking in pink powder paint in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer. The Tab caught up with one of the show’s organisers to find out just how messy things got…

7 ways to spend reading week

For the lucky little shits who actually have reading weeks, POPPY OVENDEN has some great ways to spend yours.

Job Lot 2: Deals Heaven or Rotting Hell?

POPPY OVENDEN goes to investigate the shop which sells the products the supermarkets don’t want.

People you can’t avoid in Durham

With Durham as teeny as it is, you’re bound to see a lot of familiar faces when you trek into town. Here are just some of them:

How to procrastinate – Winter Edition

It’s the first week back, which basically means it’s still the holidays. Here are 6 legit reasons to bury your head in the sand ahead of Winter exams.

Tab Hotlist: Last Week of Term

Wondering how to make the best of your last week? Here’s the Tab’s round up of the places to be in Durham from now until term ends.

How to Survive Summative Season

Many of us are currently drowning in what is correctly known as ‘summative hell’. Although this term’s round will only be a fraction of the terror compared to next term’s, The Tab’s here with some quick tips to help you keep your heads above the water:

Charlotte’s second-hand year

She doesn’t even have hipster pretentions, she just wants to do something for charity: student Charlotte Crossley is dressing in second clothes for a full year! She spoke to Poppy Ovenden about her love of Topshop, her views on the Durham fashion scene and where to buy second hand.

Durham student is new Internet sensation

Cuth’s student’s Miley Cyrus a capella medley takes YouTube by storm

The Best Loos on Campus

The Tab went in search of what Durham has to offer in terms of where to spend the most sacred of all alone time, as Granny would say, where you go to spend a penny…

The Best Places to Cry in Durham

When it all gets too much and you just need to let it all out, everyone enjoys a bloody good cry. We’ve found the best spots in Durham for a teary moment.