Megan Kennedy

Seven Deadly Cins

Cindies is a hotbed of vice that you’re bound to fall victim to, warns MEGAN KENNEDY.

Music For Loving

MEGAN KENNEDY provides a sonic option for every type of lover this Valentine’s Day.

Lliam Patterson Recital: Hindemith, Leighton and Bach

MEGAN KENNEDY sacrifices her lunch for a concert and is surprisingly happy about it all.

Don’t Believe the Hype

MEGAN KENNEDY looks at the hype given to new artists by the music press and suggests that, far from the Youtube era marking the democratisation of music success, the selective media publications have as much a say as ever in choosing our favourite bands.


MEGAN KENNEDY reviews Brother, Slough’s answer to the Britpop revival.

The Music Industry Is Only Skin Deep

MEGAN KENNEDY: Even bands that you wouldn’t expect to be drawn in have turned to the ever expanding Skins franchise for a career boost. Now even you can be on the soundtrack to the lives of the protagonists by sending in your demos. Good work, Channel 4 ad men.