Megan King

Come to Chrome April 19 for your chance to win $100 and promote The Tab Penn State

The event will be from 9-11pm—you definitely don’t want to miss it

POLL: What’s the best bar in State College?

Real question, why do we have to pick?

This Smeal professor trolled her students with an April Fools e-mail

No one is safe from the trickery

Penn State is ranked as one of the most sexually active college campuses

Is anyone surprised?

We asked CATA whether or not you actually get free tuition if you get hit by the bus

Let’s put this to rest

Everything you could buy with the money you’ll spend at 55 Days of Café

More like say goodbye to your bank account in 55 days

Things at Penn State I trust more than the Secretary of Education

In comparison, LionPath is really reliable

Flavor Flav cheered on Penn State at the B1G Ten Tournament last night

His cousin, Shep Garner, is the point guard

Former Penn State basketball player is the newest Chewbacca in Star Wars

Practicing our Wookiee call

It’s official: The Phyrst is one of the best trash bars in America

The most popular drink is literally called a Trash Can

BREAKING: Jeffrey Sandusky, son of Jerry Sandusky, arrested and charged with the sexual assault of a child

Additional charges include corruption of minors and filming sexual acts

Praise the football gods for not scheduling a noon kickoff for the Blue and White game

We need as much tailgating time as possible

QUIZ: How Penn State are you?

How many of these can you check off the list

Mary Krupa updates us on Sneezy the Squirrel, says Sneezy has lots of respect for Punxsutawney Phil

Because apparently groundhogs are a type of squirrel

Meet the hottest new Nittany Lion 2017 recruits

Because we all know this is the most important part of signing day

Penn State professor of the week

Geography is so hot right now

How many drinks can you buy for the same price as being a PSU student?

Breaking it down in terms we all understand

We asked our parents what’s the worst part of having us home for break

Basically, they don’t want us to ever leave

So we’re not Rose Bowl champions… who cares?

The 2016 season was still incredible

Hot professor of the week: Steven Branstetter

Meet the professors racking up chili peppers on Rate My Professors

He’s at it again: Coach Franklin calls for Rose Bowl White Out

Hope you got that long sleeve in white

The perfect songs for all stages of finals week

Now you can’t procrastinate by making a playlist, sorry

James Franklin officially crowned ‘Coach of the Year’

Like we didn’t already know that

The Nittany Lions and the Trojans are going to the Rose Bowl

Just one question: will the Lion be in the parade?

We are…Big Ten Champs!

In case you haven’t heard

Former Nittany Lion, Jesse James, to represent THON during upcoming Steelers game

Because dancing isn’t the only way to Ignite Hope Within

Penn State currently has the #1 football recruiting class

Ohio State doesn’t even make the list until #15

Willard Preacher and Sam Richards will go head to head tonight on ‘hot topics’

And you thought the presidential debates were intense

Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls is definitely based on State College

Rory and Lorelai have probably been here the whole time

THON partners with Uber in fundraising contest

Canning might be on its way out, but bigger things are here

Hell yeah! Nittany Lions rise to #8 in playoff rankings

We dem boyz!

CAPS ensures safe space for election discussion, acknowledges this sucks

Because coming to terms with America’s future is taking a toll

All the ties the Clinton family has to Penn State

She’s not leaving Happy Valley anytime soon

Penn State Football asks fans not to write-in Coach Franklin

Yes, the cult runs that deep

Student speaks out about racist comments on Penn State Women for Trump video

‘If you’re voting for Trump, at least be honest with yourself about the behavior you are excusing’

Blake Shelton to headline first concert at Beaver Stadium

And even more importantly, beer will finally be sold

President Barron releases statement on Clery Act findings

With no mention of the $2.4 million fines

Hell yeah! Penn State is in the Top 25 college football teams

And it’s about time

PSU’s official final debate drinking game

Maybe some alcohol will make it easier to watch

Joey Julius reveals details of binge eating disorder on Good Morning America

‘If I would have continued down this path, I might not be here right now’

Cute little old Penn State fan helps Hurricane Matthew victims

‘Why do I do it? Because I love ’em and I think they love me’

Former student pleads guilty to ethnic intimidation

Because yes, these things really do happen in Happy Valley

Penn State ranked 4th best school in the Big Ten

At least we can still beat Pitt at something

Meet Nikki Williamson, CHAARG member and PSU fitness inspiration

She lost the Freshman 15, but didn’t stop there

Penn Staters will honor JoePa before the Temple game

409 Forever

Everything freshmen will never experience without the Big O

RIP to the best buffalo chicken pizza in the world

The struggles of being the pale friend

SPF 75+ is your best friend

An honest guide of what to actually pack for freshman year at PSU

Everything your mom won’t tell you you’ll need to survive East Halls

Penn State ranked 52nd best university in the world

Still number one in our hearts

My grandmother has taught me the most important lessons in life

Including being nice to my sister

Cutting crappy TV out of my life helped me cut all sorts of negativity

Bye bye E! news

I am really not into the new Kimojis

We get it, you have a big ass

Working in a nursing home is easily the best job ever

Most of my friends are 80

The rise of the ‘adorkable’ girl

Finally a type of girl I identify with

Penn State will now sell alcohol at football games

But it’s not what you think

I took the Soc 119 final just for fun

And I still passed

Penn State couple gets engaged Harry Potter style

The Maurader’s Map is starting to look awfully familiar

How to survive Blue and White

When it’s finally warm again and we forget how to tailgate responsibly

The types of Penn State drunk

Pass the Natty, please

Penn State grad student on Jeopardy! last night

Who is: Vivek Srikrishnan?

Penn State student supposedly trying to bike home for spring break

All he needs is $1000

Penn State was voted the most hated football team in PA

Haters gonna hate

How to explain THON to an outsider

After all, not everyone is in our Happy Valley bubble

Penn State is clearly the inspiration for the new American Hogwarts

The Harry Potter room in the library… need we say more?

I texted people only using Adele lyrics and this is what happened

Hello, it’s me

Why aren’t we doing more about mental illness on campus?

Until last fall, I thought that most people were concerned for the wellbeing of others, but I was wrong

Starbucks vs. Dunkin’: Holiday edition

Grab your North Face and your Uggs, time to be basic

I made Friendsgiving dinner in a microwave and this is what happened

For all the Ina Garten wanna-be’s trapped with a microfridge

Lord of the squirrels: Squirrel Girl’s senior year

Senior year check-in with Mary Krupa: what she’s up to, where she’s off to next and her future with the squirrels

The $10 McLanahan’s challenge

Is it possible to make a quick, delicious meal from McLanahan’s for just $10?