Max Bray

Max Bray
Oxford University


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We’ve hidden five condoms in the Rad Cam

Find one to win free entry and queue jump to Bridge tonight, and a ticket to the official Varsity Match after party

Student drama isn’t worth my time or my money

You should all just give up

The whole Capitox mailing list has been signed up to support UKIP

The finance society just got even less fun

Freshers, don’t go visit other unis in Michaelmas

MAX BRAY tells you why leaving the safety of Oxford during your first term is a terrible idea

Have we seen the demise of the after party?

A debate on the end of the end of the night

Yannis Philippakis’ ‘DJ set’ at Modern Art was the worst thing I’ve ever seen

£5 to see a bloke play a pre drinks set

I was shouted at by a barman in Chequers

Matriculation was lols

People at Oxford are actually pretty normal

Says this terrified PPE fresher

Varsity Trip booking chaos: Site crashes within minutes of launch

Reticulating splines and other ominous warnings

Grammar school did NOT make me a bigot

Peter Corden hits back at accusations that his school bred a culture of hatred

Moving in style: Meet the freshers

We took pictures of Oxford’s most uncomfortable new recruits

Grammar school made me a bigot

Adams’ Grammar School made me do it, and I’m sorry

REVIEW: Cuban night at the Cowley Retreat

Havana Club and Brooke’s EDMS turned Cowley into Cuba

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Michaelmas Union lineup released

Stephen Fry, Sir Ian Mckellen and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey top the bill in a strong Union lineup

OxStu Editor fired – and blasts OUSU

Sacked OxStu ed Amelia Hamer slams OUSU for ‘gagging’ paper

The only Riot Club review you need to read

Sickening stereotypes and brutish behaviour – Lucy Clarke tells all

The Riot Club makes Oxford look bad because it’s hopelessly overcooked and out of date

No-one at Oxford is like this

We’re getting fat! Oxford students put on most weight as freshers

We’re tucking into too many a Taylor’s

OUSU splashes out nearly £400 on media law courses for OxStu Eds

Incoming President Trup announces that problems are best fixed by throwing loads of money at them.

Pleur Fridays is the new snapchat craze for public

Think TGIF, but more public school

From Vagina Lite to Lime Lovers – Oxford anagrams

It turns out that if you rearrange the order of words, they make other words!

The definitive list of people you see in the library

Everyone fits a category, but which irritating library stereotype are you?

Ball Busting – the Tab’s guide to breaking into balls

No one likes paying for stuff, so here’s how to sneak into the most expensive (and often overrated) parties this term.

Ukraine in the membrane: Vladimir Putin’s Desert Island Discs

The question on everyone’s lips – what are Putin’s Desert Island Discs? The Tab tells all.

Stop whinging about #nomakeupselfie, it’s genius

MAX BRAY tells us why the trend is accidental genius and why whinging about no makeup selfies is pointless

Why Oxford sport is shit

MAX BRAY tells us why playing sports in Oxford sucks unless you’re really bloody good or don’t care about matches never happening

What Tinder taught me

The Tab tried the dating app that’s sweeping the nation, and the results were quite Tinderesting

The best places to cry in Oxford

If you’re going to do something, do it properly

The worst presents to receive on Valentine’s

Valentine’s is fast approaching – here’s our list of what you DON’T want to receive

Preview: Renegade Launch Party at Carbon

Didn’t get a ticket to No Scrubs? Don’t fear, your night won’t be shit after all!

Oxford Students Decide Teaching is Cool

Go to Oxford? Likelihood is you’ll become a teacher. Unlucky!

Review: Huzzah! Comedy Night

The Tab went to a comedy night in Jericho, and actually laughed a few times

Nine ways to club better in Hilary

Because you definitely had some shit nights out in Michaelmas

How to get a date in the Rad Cam

The definitive guide for scoring in the sexiest library in Oxford

The Ultimate Guide to Strike Day

No uni due to striking lecturers, here are the best ways to spend that blessed free time.