Maddy McKenna

More than half of the COVID-19 cases in Devon are linked to Exeter Uni

There have been 58 cases reported in the last seven days

Here are the Exeter restaurants continuing the Eat Out scheme into September

Why buy coffee when you can get a whole pizza?

Petition started to change name of Exeter’s Blackboy Road

It currently has almost 1,700 signatures

This Exeter student is raising money for BLM by selling tie-dye clothing

This is just one innovative way to raise money and awareness for the worthy cause

Final year Medicine students at Exeter Uni will graduate early to join fight against COVID-19

‘We are humbled and inspired by their selflessness’

I was one of the Exeter students who had to leave a year abroad in Madrid because of COVID-19

Leaving three months early wasn’t exactly what I had planned

Boris Johnson’s new senior adviser used to be Klute bouncer

Ironic that it was once named Europe’s worst club

Bournemouth student died by suicide near Swanage cliffs, inquest hears

He had not told anyone he was struggling

These are the best banners from yesterday’s Boris Johnson protest

‘I did not consent to this BJ’

York student who sent explicit messages to children given suspended sentence

He was branded ‘sexually immature’

Reports of rape and sexual assault have increased tenfold at UK universities

Universities say it showcases the improvement of awareness and victim support on campus

Asylum seeker graduates from Glasgow Uni despite hostile government policy

She only managed to go because the uni saw her potential

Oxford’s Vice Chancellor suggests state schools are to blame for low admission stats

She said state schools don’t push their students enough

The science behind the tactical chunder: Does it actually work?

It’s better than throwing up in the middle of the club

The poshest graduation venues in the UK which put yours to shame

Some are real stunners

This is what the dumped Love Islanders are up to now

Selling their soul for cookie dough flavoured tea of course

Exeter student’s dad calls her ‘f*cked in the head’ for her bisexuality and depression

The videos have since been deleted

The University has listened: Greggs will replace Pret in the Forum

Ditch your morning coffee for a sausage roll

Meet Recognise RED: The newest campaign against sexual harassment on campus

It’s Exeter’s answer to the #MeToo movement

A 25-year-old man was arrested in the Forum this morning

He is being held in custody for ‘causing a disturbance’

A definitive guide of the best study spaces in Exeter

Just because you were obviously all wondering

Two Mount Pleasant students had their house broken into and the robber left them a tenner

2 iPhones and a UE Boom were taken

Bet you missed Exehonestly, so here are a few of our favourites now it’s back

It just wasn’t the same without exam period library loves

Exeter has raised more money for Movember than any other uni: Marvel at their tashes

Not by just a hair

Take this quiz to see how you would do on University Challenge

Bet you wouldn’t do as well as Loveday

Nominations are now open for Exeter’s Maddest Fresher 2018

Do you have what it takes to be crowned the winner?

7 strange things that will inevitably happen when you become a second year

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