Lizzie Bennett

Wild Swimming

LIZZIE BENNETT offers a unique exercise solution to combat that Freshers’ Week half-stone.

Bish Bash Bosh

LIZZIE BENNETT argues that the contentious issue of female bishops is more complex than it may seem.

Review: Cambridge Symphonic Winds

LIZZIE BENNETT: ‘It may sound as if the orchestra and audience all went on some sort of joint LSD-induced trip, and maybe we did… I strongly recommend this group, and cannot wait to attend another of their concerts. ‘

Review: Bach Magnificat and Cantata

LIZZIE BENNETT: ‘Trinity College Music Society…has been as busy as ever, giving the pleasing illusion that, if enough concerts are presented and attended, the exams will cease to mean quite so much’

Review: Elijah

LIZZIE BENNETT: ‘Even the sound of the orchestra tuning up was enough to give the audience a taste of the remarkable sound that can be achieved within the Chapel.’

Review: Voice Recital at Caius

LIZZIE BENNETT: ‘Saturday’s concert was not just about two talented musicians presenting an evening recital; it was one…which aims to “bring people together, to connect dreams, aims, lives.”

Review: Monteverdi Vespers

LIZZIE BENNET: ‘Monteverdi’s Vespers, first performed (it is generally believed) in 1610, were giving an airing on Friday night in the Hall of Girton College, and the result was spectacular.’