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Where to get free menstrual products while UF SG gets its act together

‘Our goal is to allow others to see that access to these products should not be a luxury; therefore free products at UF would mean that we have accomplished our goal as an organization.’

LIVE: How UF is rejecting Richard Spencer

T-minus 30 minutes to Richard Spencer’s speech and so far love is prevailing on campus

Professors postpone Thursday exams and classes before Richard Spencer talk

Professors are making their own accommodations for Thursday, as UF and Alachua County heighten security and law enforcement

UF campus before and after Irma’s destruction

The University of Florida was spared from the most devastating parts of Irma, but there was still some heavy damage

Streetlights off on University Ave and 13th Street

Not just at the intersection, but further down the road and Midtown

Dennis is throwing a hurricane party

He’s promoting it on the corner of University Avenue, across the street from UF.

How to beat the water shortage with fruits and alcohol

Can’t find cheap water? Get beer and watermelons.

President Fuchs pledges support to students affected by DACA withdrawal

What won’t he do?

UF football ranks 17th despite beating two of the top four teams last season

The AP Top 25 poll came out putting FSU in fourth and UF in 17th.

BREAKING: Large car accident on I75, one dead and six injured

This story is developing

Remember the increase in Bright Futures that you thought was too good to be true? Well, it is

Governor Rick Scott vetoed the bill meant to boost Bright Futures permanently

Library West has become the ultimate living quarters

You can even exercise on a study cycle

UF Students Rank 8th for hours spent studying for finals

FSU students study for less than 6.6 hours a day

UF students are fighting to save the Institute of Black Culture

The petition has 248 supporters right now out of the 500 needed

Update: Jack Massey’s family hit their GoFundMe goal

In one week 204 friends and family came together to help the Massey’s raise over $25,000

Family raises over $18,000 for UF student who was paralyzed from the chest down in swimming pool accident

Jack Massey was paralyzed after back flipping into a shallow pool

UF student in critical condition after motorcycle crash in front of Shands

An emergency room doctor was there when it happened and gave aid until emergency staff arrived to help

PSA: Ryan Lochte is visiting UF

According to a good friend he’s here for training

Uprooted Walker Hall sign has many suspecting vandalism

The sign is now fixed, though the investigation goes on

‘I work in an office full of Trump supporters, I never get a chance to speak up’: Students and faculty protest against the Muslim ban

‘I’m here arguing against the unconstitutional nature of the ban’

Internet down on east campus

Staff are working on a solution

The craziest things to happen at UF in 2016

Hurricanes and Dank Cakes

UF students protest Trump on Turlington Plaza

They basically gave the Turlington preacher a day off

Krispy Kreme is giving away free donuts

All you have to do is vote

Victories and failures of UF Alerts

Like the Boy Who Cried Wolf…

UF student dies after crash near campus

She suffered fatal injuries as the truck ran over her

What it’s like living with cancer in college

Have you ever had a bad day and then met someone who has it much worse, but still smiled like nothing was wrong?