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Kirstin Bunce
Royal Holloway


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We went to The Packhorse to see if it lived up to the hype

At least they do 2 for 1 cocktails everyday

I tried living the ‘Candid’ life for a week

It’s a lot more effort than it looks

Why is it so surprising when women like beer?

Boobs and beer can live in perfect harmony

Some RHUL second years have made a recruitment video to find a new housemate

It’s already received over 30k views on Facebook

Why working in retail ruins Christmas

The most wonderful time of the year you say? Not if you work in retail is isn’t

We need to stop worrying about turning our one night stands into relationships

Why do we expect a relationship when we only sought some fun?

I’m sorry, but I no longer like VKs

I just can’t be part of the VK life anymore

Chicken nuggets are seriously overrated – and I’ve had enough

I refuse to get onboard with this ridiculous obsession

I stopped doing my hair and make up for a week of work on a cosmetics counter

I had barely stepped through the door before the first comment

The struggles of ginger skin in summer

Sun’s out, Gingers in.

Why has the SU been so dead recently?

Where have all the RoHoes gone?

I tried all of the flapjacks on campus to find RHUL’s best flavour

Tbh I just want my cherry bakewell one back

There’s no nice name for the vagina

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find a nice sounding word

Preston, and why it’s incredible

I love Ptown and so should you

Shakespeare society stage five-day Shakespeare-a-thon for charity

This year, they made it even bigger, bolder and Bardier

What’s the worst road to live on?

‘We’ve been burgled twice in three months’

Tab v Food: I tried the Eggham breakfast challenge

It has a very punny name

The SU is the same as it’s always been, so why does it now cost £2 more?

We asked but they refused to tell us

Everything this year’s freshers need to know about Royal Holloway

Term needs to start already, home is boring

There’s nothing more stressful than a girls’ night out

Nobody needs to take this many toilet selfies

RHUL second year raises over £1,000 for lymphoma charity by shaving head

She’s raised over three times her initial target

Here’s what you can get for a tenner in Egham Essentials

It’s the Aladdin’s cave of Egham

An ode to the VK

I never knew true love until I sipped my first VK