Jim Ross
Sidney Sussex, Chemical Engineering (PhD) Since moving to Cambridge permanently for a PhD in 2009, Jim has done his best to retain sanity by covering film. Writing for the Cambridge Film Festival since 2010, he has interviewed such luminaries as Gary Oldman and John Hurt, and continues to write for…

Taken 2

JIM ROSS isn’t exactly taken aback by Taken 2.

The Bourne Legacy

Jim Ross thinks THE BOURNE LEGACY is the simple and neglected half-brother of the previous films in the franchise

Interview: Ken Loach

JIM ROSS speaks to legendary director Ken Loach about his new feature and the politics of film.


JIM ROSS reviews the biggest movie of the year so far, Prometheus, and finds spectacle but little else.

Moonrise Kingdom

JIM ROSS rate Wes Anderson’s quirky, beautiful new comedy.

Pissing On The Promethean Bonfire

In the lead up to one of the big releases of the summer, JIM ROSS pisses on the Promethean bonfire

Men In Black 3

Despite being nothing more than a flawed nostalgia exercise, JIM ROSS reckons there’s enough here to make you want to suit up with Will Smith and co again

The Raid

The Raid is a good film, with some brilliantly done action scenes but its flimsy plot holds it back says JIM ROSS

Enjoy College Accommodation – You’ll Miss It

JIM ROSS, AKA Mother James Fox, takes you through the perils and pitfalls of student accommodation at real universities.

UK Green Film Festival Preview

JIM ROSS previews the UK Green Film Festival, which will have screenings in Cambridge, and speaks to the director and co-founder

Damsels in Distress

JIM ROSS thinks there is a charming and incredibly funny film in Whit Stillman’s new feature, if you’re ready to embrace it.

Film Spoilers Really Don’t Matter

SPOILER ALERT: JIM ROSS will argue that if you can only enjoy a film without ‘spoilers’, maybe it wasn’t that good at all.

Salmon Fishing In The Yemen

JIM ROSS wants to take this insipid romance and just throw it back in the water.

Marvel’s Avengers Assemble

JIM ROSS takes a look at the the latest comic-book adaptation and first true blockbuster of the year: Avengers Assemble.