Jessica Papworth

How to: live like a student at home

Stuck at home revising giving you the uni blues? Wondering how you’ll cope over summer without your housemates? Here’s how you can still act like you’re living the uni lifestyle whilst living back home.

Things uni need to shut up about

The things uni won’t stop harking on about compared to the need to know information of student life

People who don’t belong in Hallward

Library lurkers with questionable motives…

Alternative ways to decide on the SU Elections

Some creative, interrogative and even violent alternatives to voting in the SU Elections

Instaglam: Nottingham Night Clubs

We capture Nottingham’s favourite night-time haunts by the light of day (with a little help from Instagram)

Tinder lines to get you a Valentine

Sweet sweet poetry from the Tindersphere to ensure you’re not lonely this Valentines Day

New year, new term, new you?

Our intentions are always good, so why can’t it last longer than a week? Why your efforts to become the perfect student will inevitably fall at the first hurdle.