Harry Kersh
Soton Opinion Editor of The Tab
I don't like me either.

Everything you forgot about your hometown while at uni

Your neighbours still have England flags in their windows

TAB VS FOOD: The Orange Rooms Burger Challenge

Could we ‘beat the meat’?

The Best Reactions to the New Union Logo

The people have spoken

Keep your Xbox One – gaming peaked with Pokémon

Who needs good graphics when you have a Gameboy Colour?

Not everyone in Kent is a ‘racist’

There is something more complicated at play

Why Law Students are the Worst, by a Law Student

We’re even worse than medics

Intra-Mural sport is neglected by SUSU

Members described the organisation as a “fucking joke”

Craig David and Stormzy come together to support #Macfest

£15,000 has been raised to help celebrate the life of Mac Campbell

I don’t understand why everyone loves Jesters so much

You can’t handle the truth

You’re getting old, and Damn Daniel is proof

You’re no longer down with the kids

The locals are the WORST thing about Southampton, say voters

The people have spoken

In Pictures: DEVASTATION as Storm Imogen batters Southampton

Hell hath no fury like a woman storm

What your library food says about you

Food for thought.

POLL: What is your LEAST favourite thing about Southampton?

Spoiler: ‘The Soton Tab’ isn’t an option

Share the Sound Music Festival returning to Southampton

Because Soundclash is way too mainstream.

Southampton Medics Football Club bringing sporting stars to Southampton

It’s not happening at Jesters

Switch set to host Justin Bieber night

No, he won’t actually be there

If Southampton’s nightclubs were your mates

Dungeon needs to start using deodorant

Southampton Rises in National Jedi Population Table

The force has awakened

#DrummondPuddleWatch is the most British thing we’ve ever seen

Nobody knows why, but we can’t stop watching.

Why ‘Relationship Transfer Deadline Day’ is terrible

You’re not Jose Mourinho

An ode to DJ Khaled’s Snapchat

They don’t want you to read this article

Why the sad Avenue Campus cactus is the perfect metaphor for University life

I feel you cactus, I feel you.

Everything That Will Ever Happen To You In Switch

No mate, I don’t have any gum

Southampton Law School sends out mass appeal for lost mug

Crime has struck where you would least expect it.

Why the THTH penis guy is a hero

You do you, penis guy

£1.5 Million Trampoline Park Coming To Southampton

News that will put a spring in your step.

214 University Staff Earn Over £100,000 A Year

Just think of the Jesticles that could buy

‘100 Happy Days’ Is The Worst Thing Ever

Yes, this is still a thing.

Christmas is dead, and John Lewis killed it

Capitalism has won

Southampton Students WIll Earn £22,493 When They Graduate

We’re better than Birmingham, Newcastle and Manchester

We tried a liquid food substitute and gave up after three days

The future is now.

The Best Angry Posts On The Library Referendum Page

Facebook. That girl from school who already has two kids, your slightly racist aunt, and now angry students attacking the union.

Everything that will ever happen to you in Jesters

The DJ will play the opening song from the Lion King.

University of Southampton receives £15 Million Cancer Research Grant

Everything that will ever happen to you in Oceana

Outrage as SUSU axe burger meal deal from Cafe

Why Southampton is the best university in the world

League tables can’t put a number on character

Sobar launches new student night, is now selling fishbowls

Southampton students organise donation point for refugee crisis on campus

What's it like being a fresher in private rented accommodation?

SUSU warns of 'scams' as freshers bombarded with bogus tickets


If You Think George Osborne is a 'Man Of The People', You're Delusional

Top 5 Off The Beaten Track Holiday Hotspots

Why The Walk Home Is The Best Part Of A Night Out

Southampton Students Appear On Pointless

Why The NUS Israel Boycott Is Pointless and Anti-Semitic

Soton Tab Vs Food: Bar Three's Braveheart Challenge

Southampton Students Cycle Over 8,000 Kilometres for Nepal

Seven things to look forward to after exams

Southampton's Best Lookalikes

WHATSOC: Pokemon Society

Europe Isn't The Problem, We Are

Vote for what you would change about SUSU now

WHATSOC: Parkour Society

Southampton: Music's Next Big Thing?

The Lighter Side Of Twitter

Why The Conference On Israel's Legitimacy Cannot Go Ahead

When is the best time to leave a night club?

INTERVIEW: SUSU Presidential Candidates

A Single Student's Guide To Valentine's Day

Housemate from Hell: Six Telltale Signs

One Month Later… Did Our Resolutions Last?

Seven reasons to smile on Blue Monday

Scoops Gelato: Here To Stay

Smoking on Campus: Human Right?