Damla Campion

‘The university must do better’: Lancaster community reacts to racism on campus

‘I think the bit that hurt the most was the porter that came to the scene literally said to me: no one cares’

Online exams leave disabled students disadvantaged without extra time

It seems cruel to punish a student for something they may not be able to predict

I let my Animal Crossing villagers choose their Lancaster college

*insert Animalese gibberish here*

Which Drag Race Season 13 Queen are you based on your favourite place on campus?

A very important question indeed

The bigoted responses to renaming Sugar is only one part of racism in Lancaster

Even if microagressions may seem ‘micro’, they’re still invalidating and harmful

Which Drag Race UK quote is your Lancaster Uni subject?

If you’re not team Bimini, please leave

‘A sign of growth and a show of respect’: BAME students on renaming The Sugarhouse

‘Changing the name of the club does nothing to harm white people, but does everything to harm black people’