Charlotte Bailey
Charlotte Bailey
Editor of The Tab Bristol

CLICENDALES 2018 SOLD OUT: We spoke to Bristol medics ahead of tomorrow’s charity dance and strip show

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No likey, no lighty

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Bristol and UWE Varsity rugby matches banned for two years

The police were called this year due to the violence

I went along to a Bristol University self-defence class to help women stay safe at night

It’s part of ‘Reclaim the Night’ month

There’s a massive ball pit with prosecco coming to Bristol

Balls n bubbly huzzah

Reclaim the Night is back in Bristol

And this time it returns for a whole month

Student run mental health campaign Be Mankind is back in Bristol

‘A campaign like this was needed for male students here’

Bristol named one of the most beautiful universities in Britain

Makes up for the Oxbridge rejection

I went sober for a month at university and it wasn’t actually that bad

Let’s stop shaming Stoptober

Here’s why it’s great being a girl in an all boy house

No judgement for eating tbh

Bristol Mbargos night out ends in England cricketer being arrested

Did you see anything about the incident?

Bristol students are in the top 5 highest spending universities during Freshers’ Week

Gotta holla for that dolla

Official: Bristol is named the Coolest City in all of Britain

Probs all the wavey garms tbh

Love Island Finale Party to hit Bristol on Monday

It’s guaranteed to be 100% your type on paper

Things I would’ve told myself in Bristol Uni Freshers’ week

Park Street will NOT make your legs hench

Student run Men’s mental health campaign launches in Bristol

It’s time to ditch the inner lad and have a frank conversation.