Charlotte Bailey
Editor of The Tab Bristol

UoB student features in Bristol BME Powerlist

The list showcases the 100 most inspiring BME people in Bristol

Bristol SU set up a safe car scheme to help students in emergency situations at night

Students can use the service even if they don’t have any money on them at the time

Bristol University ranked in the top three best unis in the Southwest

UWE did not make it into the top three

The Exchange in Bristol will be playing ‘Africa’ by Toto on repeat all night

I bless the rains down in Africaaaa

Here are the pics of Bristol caretaker Herman’s luxury holiday with his wife

The couple had not visited Herman’s home country in almost a decade

Bristol University ranked in top 50 institutions in the world for employment

Take that, Durham

Lizard Lounge is returning to Bristol in time for Freshers’ Week

Long live Lounge

Bristol student told uni she was suicidal two months before her death, coroner hears

The family say there was no direct contact made with the University’s support services

The parents of a deceased Bristol student have appealed to a coroner to investigate Bristol University’s actions

The pre-inquest hearing could determine if the student’s death breached the Human Rights Act

Local councillor says Bristol is ‘full of perverts’ and ‘disease riddled prostitutes from the local universities’

He also claims that Bristol has ‘dangerous looking foreigners’

Bristol students receive fake email saying they have been awarded a university grant

The email said students would receive £1,750

Bristol University plan to contact the parents of struggling students to tackle rise in suicides

They also want families to tell the uni of any pre-existing problems

Bristol’s Biggest Names on Campus 2018: Round 5

The Kings and Queens of uni

The ASS is for everyone, not just arts students

Name one other library that’s open 24/7

Bristol University confirms that ten halls of residence contain asbestos

UoB say it doesn’t pose a risk to students

The complete list of all the ways you’ll be passive aggressive towards your housemates

Because who needs confrontation?

Meet the candidates running for Undergraduate Eduction Officer in the SU elections

Voting closes on Thursday

Meet the candidates running to be Postgraduate Education Officer in the SU Elections

Voting closes on Thursday

Meet the candidates running for Sport and Student Development Officer

Voting closes on Thursday

Meet the candidates running for Equality, Liberation and Access Officer

Voting closes on Thursday