Ben Weisz
Trinity, Philosophy

Labour’s Fees Policy Is Worse Than A Joke

“Labour’s new university fees proposals are regressive and will only benefit the wealthy.”

The Naked & Famous

BEN WEISZ on The Naked & Famous: ‘with better techies, theirs will be the must-have sound at any festival this summer’.

Overblown Rhetoric is Political Own Goal

BEN WEISZ asks why sticking by your party regardless of mistakes or, say, horrendous policy reversals is seen as ‘loyalty’ rather than ‘stubbornness’ when it’s not a football team

Homelessness: The Bigger Issue

GREGORY LEWIS on our perception of the homeless community and BEN WEISZ and JOHN WALLIS on what it was like to spend a night on the streets.

Tory Ho!

BEN WEISZ questions David Cameron’s opinions on fox hunting, and wonders whether they were shaped by his upbringing.