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‘All the flights are grounded and there are no roads left’: Two more medics trapped in Nepal

‘We just wish we could do something to help in Kathmandu’

Two third year medics found safe after Nepal earthquake

They were trekking in the Himalayas to celebrate the end of exams

It’s snowing right now

Did you see?

We met Alex Salmond and he told us about his exercise regime

He doesn’t do much of it

‘Stay away’: Outbreak of mumps has uni warning infected freshers off campus

‘It’s so inconvenient for the amount of work I need to do’

‘Utterly racist’: Black student’s quota on AUSA Trustee Boards dismissed

Student pres says she is ‘disappointed’

Nightline Aberdeen nominated for national award

They’re up against Durham Uni in ‘Most Improved’ category

BREAKING: Aberdeen student mowed down by bus on King Street

‘The young man was treated for minor injuries by the ambulance service’

RGU filing government complaint over social media backlash to ‘grotesque’ teaching masks

They feel they’ve been cyber-bullied

Uni finally agrees to American Football Club on campus

It was all down to one very stubborn fourth year

We’ve got your pics from the Sports Ball

It’s like being in Tatler

Say cheese: Aberdeen trainee dentists wreak havoc on unsuspecting mouths

The dental school was accused of having ‘the lowest level’ of clinical standards

Tab tries campus style

It took ages to find them, but some people are stylish

Lacrosse girl swims length of The Channel at ASV

She’s raising £5000 for charity while studying and working two jobs

RGU student weeps as jury finds her guilty of causing death by careless driving

She hit a 79-year-old woman

Tiny kitty from Torry goes viral

This is adorable

Clubbers of the week: Refreshed and ready

Try harder next time

Pricey club forced to close after just two months

It didn’t appeal to students

Oldest woman in Scotland warns ‘stay away from men’ for a longer life

It’s a bit grim

New cafe’s policy to employ Aberdeen’s homeless

Finally someone is going to try and fix the problem

Best places to cry on RGU campus

In case you ever find yourself in enemy territory

Manhunt for attacker who sexually assaulted woman on train

Police have released images of the assailant

Engineering student fined after attacking man on Institute dancefloor

The attack was unprovoked

Aberdeen doesn’t want you back at uni

What teaching timetable?

How to spend Christmas on your own at uni

Because your family is overrated

‘I think Katie Hopkins wants me’: X-Factor star Jake Quickenden talks politics and first kisses with The Tab

He’s actually really sound

Aberdeen medical school crowned top in Scotland

Clearly they heard about Beerienteering

MTV used my Instagram #selfie in their feature

This fresher took the selfie in halls

Do you bulk buy

Because you should

Online Travel Maps are such a waste of your time

And they’re a bigger waste of mine

New halls to replace Matalan – but manager has no idea

It won’t be ready til 2017 anyway

What does your checkered shirt say about you?

It’s a body sized hanky, but you’ll keep wearing it

Wanna join the team?

Now’s your chance

The uni have represented me as an international student – actually I’m from Barnet in London

You couldn’t make it up

Bouncer attacked at St Andrew’s Ball won’t press charges

‘He threw a punch or two but a girl could have done better’

Après-Skite on Saturday, 22nd of November

We’re baaaaaaaack

St Andrew’s bash shut down after drunk punters behave badly

Ballers were thrown out before dessert

You wanted to see this guy bungee jump… now you can

Of course we filmed it

Smartarse costume lands graduate 50 kisses in one night

But he went home alone…

You decided and now he’s jumping off a crane…The Nominee wins

He’s jumping higher than the seven floor library

Fourth year scammed out of £100 through Facebook ad

‘I didn’t think twice about its credibility’

Meet the brave students who got married to avoid deportation

‘We got married in Marischal College in trainers’

Medical lecturer suspended after sending rubber ducks to girl’s home

Lonely doctor treated and then gifted his patient

Club Tropicana expects staff to pull shifts at strip club

‘I took that as my cue to leave’

Scammed: Fake landlords targeting students

Second-year almost loses a grand to secure fictional flat

Meet Tesco John – Aberdeen’s biggest wind-up merchant

‘I don’t like rudeness and vindictiveness – or junkies’

100 march in ‘women only’ protest against Madame Fromage

But men had to stand at the sidelines

Students and lecturers baffled by online Personal Tutor system

‘We’re in the same boat as students’

Cascada sent me a Get Well Soon autograph after I broke my foot

Top lad, that Cascada

What you missed in the big marquees

Freshers’ Fayre may have had queues but if you couldn’t wait, you probably missed out on some of the best free stuff

Uni threatens to abandon freshers in hotel

As if it couldn’t get any worse

‘I deferred my entry because of my accommodation situation’

Fresher defers entry after being let down by uni’s accommodation ‘mistake’

Gleeful gingers get 10% off at Union Square this weekend

Welcome to the most ginger tolerant city in Scotland

Trailer trash freshers forced to slum it in mobile homes after accommodation blunder

‘Come here, go anywhere’ – so the uni sent them to Bucksburn

Man saving ‘hundreds of pounds’ using fake Ginger Discount card

Believe it or not, being ginger can be a blessing, not a curse

‘I was beaten up because of my wristbands’: Meet the festival tragedies whose arms are colonised by fabric

Just the eight wristbands

Aberdeen University eyeing up a campus in South Korea

And you thought studying next to Torry was bad enough…

Missing wrestler found in London

Missing Commonwealth athlete found in London after disappearing from ASV

Men attracted to bare faced beauties

University research shows that men don’t care if women wear make-up.

Aberdeen’s spending money is up with more billionaires per head than London

Aberdeen’s disposable income is highest in the UK – and your neighbour is likely to be a billionaire.

Academics Call for Clamp Down on Lad’s Mags

UCU think the ban will reduce lad culture

WWPD – What Would a President Do? (And have they done it?)

With only three months left to achieve what they promised, some of our Student Presidents are going to be held accountable to their manifestos.