Ali Lewis

Hands Off My Love Pistol!

By banning offensive words, The Pakistani Telecommunications Authority are limiting freedom of expression to an unacceptable extent are encouraging people to create new slang.

Social Media Revolution?

ALI LEWIS on the dangers of confusing Facebook with real bravery.

The Great Cambridge Sex Survey

ALI LEWIS turns up the dreadful euphemisms to find out who is having sex with who in Cambridge, and how often…

Tab Talks to The Mahal

ALI LEWIS talks to the people in charge of the oh-so-civilised establishment that is The Mahal.

V Day Decisions

ALI LEWIS on what to buy her if you want to get laid this Hallmark Holiday.

Tab Tries: Chat Up Lines

Who said chat up lines are dead? Our Tab Reporter gave a few old favourites a try. Find out how he fared.