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Who actually gives a fuck about the Greens?

JULIAN SUTCLIFFE tells you why the Greens’ failure in Cambridge shows we’re too smart to believe a party no one cares about

Who has the best chat: Cambridge or Oxford?

It’s time we settled this once and for all

Is this… an interesting CUSU election?

We’re just as confused as you are

You’ve only got 48 hours left to find love

Better click to find out how, then.

Tab Treats: Cheeky Chocolate Cow Drink

An udderly delicious drink to get you feeling hot under the collar on these cold winter nights.

Whose sex life is it anyway?

I’m bed serious.

Your experience at uni has more of an impact on your life than you realise

Your future is being set in stone while you read this

The Tab guide to Cambridge is here

Throw those prospectuses away

Review: Semele

Beth Derby is impressed by an opera that showcases some of the best voices in Cambridge, but is let down by its direction.

Tab Tries: Anal

After feeling unsatisfied with a fleshlight last year, JOHN BENNETT returns to try anal sex.

I’ve fucked up so many times I’ve lost count

To round off an incredible term, ELINOR LIPMAN gives us the low-down on all the times she’s fucked up.

Your business idea could be worth one thousand pounds

Your start-up could get up to £25,000 investment with Downing Enterprise

Consent Workshops: A Survivor’s Perspective

In our next article from This Space we hear why the role of survivors is vital in our dialogue about rape and consent.

Everyone needs to calm the fuck down about state schools

ZACK HASSAN wants to know what the problem is with the idea of state school only colleges.

Tab Meets: Booby

ANDREW TRUELOVE talks to the Footlights behind this new sketch show.

Don’t you hate it when you can’t find anywhere to watch the big game?

It’s a scenario more desperate than getting turned away from Cindies…