It’s Time to Vote: The First Heat of York’s 2023 BNOC Competition is Now Live

Get ready to vote for your fave campus celebs x


The first heat of The York Tab’s 2023 BNOC Competition is now live and it’s time to vote. We previously asked you lot to submit nominations for your favourite campus celebrity and you did not disappoint – we received loads of applications and have narrowed it down to your top eight most voted students. Your next job is to vote for who you think is the biggest Big Name on Campus i.e. that person who seems to somehow know absolutely EVERYONE.

Votes from this article and votes from our Instagram Story @theyorktab will go towards crowning this year’s winner.

This might only be the first heat but it includes some of the best: Jamie Parker East, Charlie Harker, Clarissa Forster and Nathan Kelly Moore. If your favourite BNOC doesn’t feature here though, I promise there’s plenty more to come. Let’s take a closer look at this heat’s nominations.

Jamie Parker East

Course: Physics

Year: Third

Jamie has received an overwhelming number of nominations for this year’s 2023 BNOC Competition being described as “true chaos incarnate” and an “incredibly silly individual”. Apparently, his rise to fame stems from appearing on the Uni’s Instagram page promoting physics despite failing his exams last year (oops). One person describes them as being “the best person of all time – absolutely hilarious and always brightening everyone’s day” and if that isn’t a reason to vote for someone, I don’t know what is.

Charlie Harker

Course: PPE

Year: First

Referred to as a “Constantine icon” this man seems to have quickly made an impression on campus despite being a first year student. He apparently played a key role in Constantine’s fire (an attack against the rich?) being called a “saviour” by fellow students. Get voting for him because, according to his nominators, “he’s THE Charlie Harker”.

Clarissa Forster

Course: Law

Year: Second

Clarissa Forster is defo a solid contender for Biggest Name on Campus. Famous for her weekly drunk Ziggy’s interviews, she’s providing the students of York with a good laugh whilst they wait for what seems like forever in the Ziggy’s queue on a Friday night. She asks all the important questions like “Would you rather shag a rugby or football guy?” or “What could you do in the time you last in bed?”, and we’re totally here for it. Vote for Clarissa if you want her to be your 2023 BNOC.

Nathan Kelly Moore

Course: Social Policy

Year: Second

Our last BNOC nomination of this heat is Nathan Kelly Moore who literally everyone seems to know. His friends tell us that he “can’t go five steps without bumping into a mate” and that he genuinely “can’t go anywhere without knowing someone”. Anyone wearing a homemade Swiftie shirt is a winner in my eyes but vote for Nathan if you want him to be York’s Biggest BNOC.

Voting is now open!! Cast your vote as to who you think is the biggest BNOC below or on our Instagram Story. 

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