Notts students tell us about their accidental last night out before lockdown

Just in case you needed some inspo for ruining your life on June 21st

What your favourite walk around Notts says about you

Walking to Booze Busters for a crate doesn’t count x

Are the new Crisis campus sessions worth it?

This is not your average trip to a pub garden

‘I was so afraid that I just froze’: Notts students share their experiences of sexual assault

Sexual harassment is part of daily life for women and girls living in the city

Can’t get a booking for drinks? These Notts establishments are allowing walk-ins

Let the good times last!

Nottingham Trent opens new £9m enterprise centre on City campus

The new home for Enterprise at Nottingham Trent University

Every type of person you’ll see in the pub on April 12th

Thoughts are with every bartender having to work today x

#KillTheBill Nottingham: What it was actually like at the protest

A socially distanced crowd of hundreds showed up in solidarity with anti-police brutality and women’s rights campaigners

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