UoN is the fourth most active uni on Bumble, because nobody wants to match a Trent student

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Channel 4 want Nottingham’s best couples for Come Dine With Me

Tag a couple that would bring out the off brand beans on toast.

My experience as a Jewish student at UoN, the country’s biggest ‘jewniversity’

Side note: it is not normal.

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BNOC of the Year: The Finals

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Nominations for BNOC of the Year 2017 are now open!

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for

Almost half of Nottingham’s students will be voting for Labour

Most defined policy as the most influencial factor for their vote

An interview with Lilian Greenwood, your Nottingham South Labour MP

‘What we have seen in the past seven years is young people be put at the bottom of the pile by the Tory government’

Crisis tickets sold out literally immediately


Everything I’ve learnt in my second term at Nottingham

*Round of Applause to me for surviving this far*

Just a list of all the events happening in Nottingham that you probably can’t go to, because exams ruin lives

Cruel, cruel world