‘It made our house terrified’: We spoke to Notts students who have been burgled

Notts Police has issued a warning to students to keep their doors and windows locked


Since the start of the academic year, Notts Police estimate 37 student houses have been burgled. The police then issued a warning to student to ensure their doors and windows are always locked, even when in the house, to prevent burglaries from taking place.

Following this warning, we spoke to students who are amongst the 37 who have had their possessions stolen.

‘A burglar came in through our living room’

UoN student Charlotte lives in the Lenton Triangle and was burgled in the late evening on Saturday 8th October. She said: “A burglar came in through our living room window… and five of us were in when it happened.” The burglar stole her uni bag- containing an iPad, car keys, glasses and perfumes- her housemates laptop and two disco lights.

There was only about an hour and a half time period for the thief to get through the unlocked window and after realising their stuff had been taken, they contacted both their landlord and the police.

Charlotte said: “[Our landlord] was so rude… she seemed annoyed that I was wasting her time.

“The landlord initially was not going to change the locks but eventually sent somebody to do so but made the house pay, despite their insurance explicitly stating it will cover the cost of getting locks changed after a theft.

She added: “The man who owns our letting company also called my housemate and told her that he wasn’t going to go give her a hug ever time something goes wrong.

“We were just treated like crap to be honest, and made to feel like we were stupid.”

The police has continued to support them. Charlotte said: “Originally it made our house terrified, we were putting the sofa against the kitchen door to block it whenever we left.”

She explained how due to her keys being stolen she had to change the locks to her car so has been unable to drive to Sutton Bonnington, where she studies. Spending time having calls with insurance and the police has also made her get behind on her uni work.


‘We were pretty shaken up’

NTU student Sophie Johnson, 24 years old, was burgled on two separate occasions when living in Hockley. She said: “We were in both times but they were both in the middle of the night and we were all sleeping and woke up to our stuff missing.” The first time they took an Xbox and somebodies purse, using their card to purchase alcohol and cigarettes in Tesco.

The police was able to track the culprit down due to this spending and reimbursed the money. The next time round they stole a PS4. Sophie added: “We were pretty shaken up and slept with our bedroom doors locked for months after.” She now checks every lock in the house before going to bed and ensures no electronics are in sight of any windows.

‘The impact was not great, I went home for a bit’

George Davison was in second year when his house on Cottesmore Road was burgled. He said: “They went in through the back door of the house after climbing over the wall.” They took a bike, an Xbox as well as clothes, chargers and wallets.

All of the house was in when it happened. George said: “The impact was not great, I went home for a bit.”

‘It was a logistical nightmare’

UoN student Ollie Mawson was also burgled in second year in Lenton. The incident occurred around midnight.

Ollie’s housemate was in the shower and the burglar climbed in through the window of her ground floor room. The burglar then locked themselves in the room which the house assumed was due to hearing people were in.

The thief took her new laptop as well as a passport. He said: “She is a foreign student so had to travel to the embassy in London to get a new passport, it was a logistical nightmare.”

‘Our landlords bought our whole house a pizza which brightened our mood’

Beth Jones’ house was burgled on October 30th 2021.

She said: “We were downstairs in the lounge making our halloween costumes for the next day when somebody climbed in my housemates window on the first floor. They took her headphones, bag, student ID, purse, birthday gifts including valuable jewellery, perfume and even alcohol.”

Police officers came straight to the house and were really helpful and forensics came the next day. They also stayed in contact, asking for pictures and checking up on the housemate who’s belongings were taken.

Beth added: “Our landlords bought our whole house a pizza which brightened our mood.” She explained how her housemate was wary to stay in her room after that night and they ensured that even when in no windows were open.

As most of these incidents were due to insecure entry, here’s your reminder, even if you’re in shut and lock your windows and doors.

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