Police issue warning to Notts students to lock their doors and windows to avoid burglaries

There has been 37 student house burglaries in the past year

Nottinghamshire Police has issued a warning to Notts students to lock their doors and windows in order to prevent burglaries.

Between August 2021 and October 2022 there have been 37 student burglaries, with most happening around the city centre, Lenton and Arboretum area.

The city burglary team said the main items stolen are televisions and electronics, including phones and laptops. 20 per cent of incidents also saw alcohol stolen.

Detective Inspector Chris Berryman, who leads the burglary team, said: “70 per cent of incidents in September were down to an insecure entry such as open doors or windows.

“We are noticing that burglars are not just targeting student houses but also flats – 19 in total and seven halls of residence so this certainly isn’t a crime that is just occurring in house shares in Lenton and the Arboretum.

“Two burglaries occurred while students were having a party at their student accommodation and items were stolen during the course of the event.

“But this can easily be avoided if windows and doors are closed when you are not in your room or your property. Students will keep their coursework and dissertations on their laptops and could be putting their degrees at risk if this work is stolen.

“Burglars want items they can sneak out of properties undetected which will not arouse suspicion and a laptop is prime pickings for them.”

61 per cent of burglaries happened through having open front doors while 28 per cent were through open back doors and 11 per cent by open windows.

Berryman continued: “The data shows that an offender is most likely to enter the front door of a student accommodation with the door being unlocked or even in one case, propped open with a vacuum cleaner.

“Lock all doors and windows when not in the property, asleep or otherwise occupied where an offender could walk in and take items.

Do not leave valuables/possessions in communal areas. A large number of occurrences showed a premises where the victim left property in a communal area such as the kitchen or living room; and had it taken. Students should store property in their bedrooms within their student accommodation.

“When purchasing and ordering something online, try to ensure that you will be able to receive the parcel in person to prevent the chance of the parcel being taken.

“Do not leave any valuables on show that could be seen by passing members of public – whether that be by closing curtains or removing valuables from sight. There are a number of occasions where items such as laptops were left on window sills which could have enticed the offenders.”

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