Here’s everything you should know about Manchester Uni before Freshers’ Week

How to be a Manny student 101

How does your Lockdown Love Life rank?

Making up, breaking up and everything in between

‘He rang his mum’: Fallow students share their worst experiences on a date

‘He was a Tory’

Forget Fallow’s Fittest, meet Fallow’s Frankest lockdown looks

‘Cos the only way I’d be getting a six pack this lockdown is by fake tanning it on

Fallowfield’s Fittest’s finalists are so beautiful you will weep actual tears

We’re not obsessed with them, you are

The real superheroes of society: why is it only now that we are crediting our key workers?

‘It shouldn’t have taken a murderous virus to expose the importance of a worker who has always been vital within our society’

1300 sign UoM students petition demading ‘no detriment’ policy for summer exams

A no detriment policy would ensure that students grades would be kept at at least the average they achieved before the university closed

SKUM has been cancelled because of COVID-19

The French Government has closed all ski resorts

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