Two men beaten and mugged after passing out from ‘free spliffs’ offered to them by strangers

The ‘free roll ups’ offered in Manchester caused one victims to end up in hospital

Science subjects are undoubtedly harder than BAs

We get it, you can read

Literally just a round up of the worst housemate horror stories Manchester students have to tell

If you can’t name your horrible housemate it’s probably you

There’s an event on tomorrow at Antwerp Mansion to raise money for a mental health charity

One last night at the Mansion for a great cause

I’m still being tormented by my college bully at uni

We spoke to Louise, whose bully followed her from college to uni using social media to carry on her torment

We spoke to the Philosophy student who wrote her dissertation on whether Bottlenose Dolphins could be considered people

Apparently, they can

This music student wrote her dissertation on the Eurovision Song Contest

Just when you thought you’d heard it all

This Man Met student was living in a homeless hostel before he started uni, now he owns his own award winning company

Started from the bottom

Everyone can relax, the royal family have visited Manchester and everything is better now

Thank you so much for gracing us with your presence

Pig heads, lost teeth and misplaced pills: The best posts from Fallowfield Students this year

Remember the fish in the letterbox lol

There’s a petition for a memorial to honour the victims of the Manchester arena attack

It needs 500 signatures to be taken to Manchester City Council

Everything you need to know about Transformer, Manchester’s coolest punk festival

The best in rock, punk, post-punk and more

Meet Harry Leslie Smith, the woke 94 year old campaigning to remind young people of their power

“say ‘look we are not satisfied with this, if you want to be running this country you’d better start listening to us”

We spoke to the student raising money for the Manchester Emergency Fund at the Greater Manchester Run this weekend

Over £2 million has been raised from various participants so far

Here’s what we know about the Manchester suicide bombing, two days on

Ten victims have been named

UoM Economics students set exam with ‘unanswerable’ questions

The paper was so full of spelling mistakes the majority of questions didn’t make sense

‘Solidarity is our strength’: Manchester stood together tonight at the Albert Square vigil

‘Manchester is united as a city. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. God bless.’