Having a part-time job at uni is the best thing you’ll ever do

The sesh won’t fund itself

You can get free Innocent smoothies in the SU tomorrow

And they’re technically ‘healthy’

A Disney themed disco with free pizza is coming to Manchester

Free food and Disney themed cocktails will make your dreams come true

The Tab Manchester presents: the battle for Fallowfield’s finest takeaway

We will see Kebab Kingers and Allen’s Chicken Crusaders fighting to the death for this one

You can get free KFC in Manchester tomorrow

Now that is finger lickin’ good

People are raising money for this MMU third year’s prosthetic leg as he’s set to lose his to rare cancer

He needs a special prosthetic to continue playing hockey

Manchester is officially the best place in the UK for nights out

We beat London by a mile

A vegan Christmas banquet is coming to Manchester

There are 15 courses of plant based delights

You can get free Greggs in Manchester tomorrow

Not just any Greggs, CHRISTMAS GREGGS

The best places in Manchester to take your parents

You probs shouldn’t take them to Hidden lol

Is it just me or is final year really really scary?


We asked Manchester students how safe they feel in Fallowfield

It’s pretty depressing tbh

UoM is one of the worst unis in the UK for attending lectures

14 per cent of you are too hungover lol

The Vengaboys are coming to Manchester

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom they’re really coming soon

‘It started stinging five seconds after I wiped it off my face’: I got hit by acid outside a club

The acid burnt straight through our clothes

Which Fallowfield roads need more street lights?

Let us know which roads should be better lit

Halloween is the one night of the year that celebrates being a hoe

Let’s get sexy and spooky bitches