UoM Economics students set exam with ‘unanswerable’ questions

The paper was so full of spelling mistakes the majority of questions didn’t make sense

‘Solidarity is our strength’: Manchester stood together tonight at the Albert Square vigil

‘Manchester is united as a city. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. God bless.’

Arrest made following evacuation of the Arndale Centre

The Arndale Centre was evacuated

Here’s everything you can do to help after last night’s attack in Manchester

As said by our Mayor, ‘we are grieving today, but we are strong’

Greater Manchester Police confirm fatalities following incident at MEN Arena

Emergency services are responding to a potential explosion and a number of fatalities have been confirmed

There have been reports of an explosion near MEN Arena

Two loud bangs have been heard in the area

It’s official, the students of Manchester will be voting Labour in the snap general election

Over 65 per cent of Manchester students said they will be voting Labour on the 8th June

Register to Vote and claim a free pint in Manchester

Registered voters are happier with a free pint

What’s on in Manchester after exams?

Who cares if you failed it’s party time

Meet the Manchester students campaigning against redundancies

Did someone say crowded lectures?

My long term boyfriend left me for a man

We’d been together for six years

The best alternative study spots in Manchester this exam season

For when you can’t face the library

We spoke to UoM Student Support about how to ace exam season

“We’re all in this together” – Troy Bolton

Liberal Democrats to legalise cannabis if they win the election

“Liberal Democrats will protect young people by introducing a legal, regulated market for cannabis.”

Manchester reopened the National Student Survey even though it’s a huge waste of everyone’s time

The NSS is linked to rising tuition fees

Manchester Labour Students co-chair sacked after anti-Semitic comments

He was responsible for a series of homophobic and sexist tweets too

University of Manchester will cut 171 jobs because of Brexit

They’re expanding the SU and building a shopping centre and luxury hotel on site

Jeremy Corbyn was in Manchester this week, here’s what he had to say

Education and Mental Health services are central to his campaign.