New ‘Flat Tax’ on recycling could cause a rent hike for Manchester students

It’s a bit of a rubbish deal

I went undercover to find men who would give me free rent in return for sex

Adverts target students who can’t afford housing

Warehouse Project have announced their full season line-up for 2018

WHP season here we come

What the events surrounding ‘that’ Rudyard Kipling poem tell us

Using the freedom of speech argument does not justify death threats

The reopening, club membership and toilet doors: An exclusive interview with the owner of Antwerp Mansion

The plans for the reopening revealed

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The trials and tribulations of an Oak House fresher

Celebrating 100 years of Women’s Suffrage: Manchester launches #MisogynyISHate

Demonstrating the power of womanhood

Warehouse Project to feature Bugzy Malone and Bonobo at Special Edition in November

Nobody panic

How to pull that person you’ve been eyeing up in the library

There is no more noble form of procrastination than finding your soul mate

Vote for Manchester’s BNOC of 2018: Heat One

Nothing but respect for MY biggest name on campus

‘Don’t be a Jew’: First year Anti-Semitic physics group chat exposed

One student commented ‘6 million Jews is not enough’

Nominations for Manchester’s BNOC of 2018 are now open

Nominate the person who you think is a massive BNOC

The best of the heatwave in Fallowfield, pictured

Suns out guns out

All the annoying things everyone needs to stop doing on Fallowfield Students Group

This is NOT still available

Why is everyone leaving DnB? You’re never too old for bass

Come off the techno hype for one sec

A proposal to name a bin in the SU after Nick Clegg has been rejected

Shame cos it’s absolutely jokes

Meet the 2 for £5 wine girl: The tactical drinker every night out needs

She drinks more Echo Falls than water

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