Six disasters that are bound to happen in your Manchester uni second year house

Good luck getting your deposit back


Congrats! Now armed with the wisdom from surviving the chaos that is first year halls, you may find yourself stepping into your second year with a newfound sense of confidence. But beware, aside from the daunting new workload, second year housing comes with its own unique set of challenges.  

From fallouts over cluttered kitchens to unwanted encounters with your landlord that loves to show up unannounced, here are six disasters you can expect to encounter in your second year uni house. Good luck!

1. The battle of shared spaces  

If you thought the nightmare of first year communal kitchens was a thing of the past, think again. Now in your second year, the stakes are higher.

With a smaller pool of suspects to accuse, the mystery of the vanishing milk will inevitably cause disagreements between you and your housemates, each with a different definition of what is considered “communal”. Not to mention the endless standoff over whose turn it is to brave the growing pile of dishes covered in fuzz, you may have to implement a dreaded cleaning rota.

 2.  Unwanted tenants  

Unfortunately, as a result of your kitchen neglect you might come face to face with a number of uninvited guests. From fruit flies and silverfish to mice and rats, unless you’re wanting a house pet it’s probably best to nominate a brave soul among your housemates to handle the pest problem as the chances of your landlord fixing it are slim to none. 

3. Letters from TV licensing  

After moving in it’ll only be a matter of time until your doormat is littered with TV licensing letters. An empty threat? It is hard to say. Either way you’ll find yourself in an internal battle weighing up the pros and cons of paying up, and once you inevitably decide to ignore them, you’ll think twice each time you go to answer the door.  

4. Realising you’re living with the wrong people  

In the first year chaos of pre-emptively sorting out your house you assure yourself that your future housemates will surely become some of your closest friends, right? Wrong. By the end of first semester masks start to slip and dodging unwanted encounters in the kitchen becomes your new strength. Soon enough you morph into the ghost housemate, practically taking residence at another house to avoid your own. Don’t worry though, there’s always third year. 

 5. Arguments with your landlord  

Exchanges with Landlord

Exchanges with landlord

Good landlords in Fallow are few and far between. Whether its mould growing in your room, plumbing issues or broken door handles, you’re likely better off praying for a miracle to fix these issues. In every case your landlord will do anything to evade sorting out the problem themselves whilst still maintaining that the £600 in rent you pay every month is worth it.  

6. Project X  

Undeniably, the true rite of passage when moving into your second year house involves throwing the ultimate house party.

After losing track of how many people you invited and dealing with the persistent complaints from Manchester City Council, you find yourself in the morning tasked with cleaning up sick, fixing broken bannisters and searching for your stolen toilet paper convincing yourself that, unlike your deposit, the memories will last a lifetime.  

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