The 11 things about Loop that we miss in Lockdown

All I want is a VK

BLM: The UCL student who is demanding justice from Academic Institutions

A group of students have come together to produce a letter addressing Academic Institutions worldwide imploring them to recognise the death of George Floyd

Trying to keep your head up through the Corona Blues: UCL edition

We’ve found UCL’s best attempts at finding silver linings in the middle of a pandemic

UCL students and staff step up to help the NHS

Both students and staff step up to the national call and help tackle Covid-19

Certain UCL cleaning staff are not being provided with masks or gloves

The UCL Independent Workers Union of Great Britain issued a set of demands to UCL yesterday.

UCL officially calls off all face-to-face teaching for rest of year

Everything is moving online

The UCLWRFC squad set to smash Strand Poly

This year’s UCLWRFC Comms Officer Evie Smith introduced us to the feisty forwards and ballsy backs set to batter KCL yet again in the Women’s Rugby Varsity fixture. If we were King’s, we’d be worried…

Meet the UCL Ice Hockey team ready to make Imperial cry

Meet the team who will be destroying Imperial on the ice on Friday night

Heard something you think
we should know?

We want to look into your case


The UCL lacrosse lads set to beat Strand Poly

For the fourth year in a row

Introducing the lacrosse ladies set to crush King’s

Here come the girls

All the reasons UCL’s better than Strand Poly

The fact we always win Varsity is only part of it

UCL Taekwondo set to thrash KCL

Come watch us kick KCL’s ass (quite literally)

Here’s why you should start a StudyTube channel

No, really.

King Percival: Agatha Christie goes medieval with a comedic twist.

UCL Comedy Club, in collaboration with UCL Stage Crew, presents their original, sitcom-worthy piece at Camden People’s Theatre.

UCL student petition for strike refunds skyrockets

More than 1600 students have signed the petition in under a week

Aristophanes’ Frogs: nothing short of hilarious

Modern Rave Culture meets the Ancient Theatrical Arts