How to celebrate Diwali: student flat edition

Even though lockdown has screwed Diwali over, we can still celebrate from the (sometimes questionable) comfort of our student flats

£222 a week to fund the mice colony in my halls: UCL accommodation has mice infestation

You know its bad when the pest control people are saying ‘oh wow’

“Our priority is to have as much fun as we can”: Is Halloween cancelled this year?

What’s scarier, catching Rona at the halls house party or that shit clown costume off Ebay

Why everyone is talking about Eggslut?

Because it’s eggcellent… duh…

What UCL halls are really like, according to Trip Advisor

Apparently if you live in Ifor you’re only seconds away from being attacked by rabid squirrels

UCLove just disappeared from Facebook, showing once again 2020 just isn’t giving up

UCLove? More like UCLost

Overheard at UCL: the good, the bad and the bloody disgusting

Didn’t think anyone heard you talking about your mansion in Surrey, well think again my friend

The places in UCL you’ll belong in based on what school stereotype you were

We can’t all thrive in the Student Centre.

Heard something you think
we should know?

We want to look into your case


The 11 things about Loop that we miss in Lockdown

All I want is a VK

BLM: The UCL student who is demanding justice from Academic Institutions

A group of students have come together to produce a letter addressing Academic Institutions worldwide imploring them to recognise the death of George Floyd

Trying to keep your head up through the Corona Blues: UCL edition

We’ve found UCL’s best attempts at finding silver linings in the middle of a pandemic

UCL students and staff step up to help the NHS

Both students and staff step up to the national call and help tackle Covid-19

Certain UCL cleaning staff are not being provided with masks or gloves

The UCL Independent Workers Union of Great Britain issued a set of demands to UCL yesterday.

UCL officially calls off all face-to-face teaching for rest of year

Everything is moving online

The UCLWRFC squad set to smash Strand Poly

This year’s UCLWRFC Comms Officer Evie Smith introduced us to the feisty forwards and ballsy backs set to batter KCL yet again in the Women’s Rugby Varsity fixture. If we were King’s, we’d be worried…

Meet the UCL Ice Hockey team ready to make Imperial cry

Meet the team who will be destroying Imperial on the ice on Friday night