Get your popcorn ready: Here’s which iconic Christmas film each London uni would be

Nothing spreads the holiday cheer like some mild mockery with a side of Baileys


As the most wonderful time of the year approaches, everyone is getting ready to binge the Christmas classics while snuggled up and munching on roasted chestnuts.

But HO HO HOld on to your mulled wine before you settle on whichever comes up first on your recommendations – you could be missing out and not watching the one best matched to you as a London uni student.

So warm up by the radiator (which is probably turned off this winter – let’s be honest), and delve into our definitive guide on which iconic Christmas film each London uni would be.

Imperial College London – Home Alone

With the holiday spirit upon them in the form of computational physics papers, these antisocial workaholics will be left home alone this Christmas as the rest of us get drunk and delete our Moodle accounts for a few days.

But do not be surprised if you return to your shared flat with them and find it absolutely trashed – who knows what completely socially acceptable experiments they do to let loose and have a jolly good time by themselves.

Image credit: YouTube

Royal Holloway – The Polar Express

Much like the commute from Michigan to the North Pole, these students must embark on a long and magical journey if they want to leave Egham (which they definitely do). They venture to find their Santa – a large Tesco or a decent Wetherspoons – whose existence they had begun to question.

Image credit: YouTube

UCL – Love Actually

With over 50,000 students, thousands of insufferable love stories run continuously alongside one another at UCL. You will most definitely witness grand gestures, questionable musical renditions, and huge egos at the Portico this December that make you question what love actually is (and whether you really want to be on the receiving end).

Image credit: YouTube

UAL – The Grinch

Christmas is a commercialised hell that disrupts these students’ usual narcissism for a whole month. In a more literal sense, you can almost expect to see some of them painting themselves green to express the ambiguity and paradoxical nature of existence in those TikTok outfit interviews.

And if you want to steal the festive spirit from these fashionistas out of plain spite for all the times they looked down at you in their platform boots, just put on the ugliest sweater with the most atrocious combinations of red and green you can find in Primark.

Image credit: YouTube

LSE – Any of The Muppets Christmas films

Much like the long-running and expansive franchise of these subjectively creepy puppets, LSE students will have a long career, annoying the rest of us with their constant LinkedIn updates. Each of them also dons their own Muppet uniform, whether it be Kermit in the finance quarter zip or Miss Piggy with her Longchamp bag and Burberry trench.

Image credit: YouTube

Queen Mary – Barbie and the Nutcracker

While it is an inconvenience any other time of the year, these Mile End residents have the fortune of being located near some of London’s most magical and festive settings – just like the shimmering set of a Barbie film.

But also similar to how the animated Christmas film is technically Barbie but lacks the charm of Margot Robbie, these students study at a uni that is a Russell Group on paper but lacks that sprinkle of practical prestige.

Image credit: YouTube

King’s – Bad Santa

After being seen as the butt of the jokes by all other London students, these Santas have turned to booze and misery. But who would blame them? I, too, would become a kleptomaniac if my nearest mince pie was on the Strand.

Image credit: YouTube

SOAS – The Snowman

If anyone will regale us with a tale of their adventures with a mythical creature through the city, it will be a SOAS student. They do literally walk through the air if they have class in Senate House.

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