This is exactly what your go-to library says about you as a UCL student

Because sometimes studying in bed isn’t cutting it


During your time at uni, you will at some point be in desperate need of the library. Whether you’re stuck on campus between classes, or it’s post-Scala 4am and you realise you still have 2200 words left to write for tomorrow, or your bedroom has turned into a polar vortex – sometimes only the library hits the spot.

With 17 libraries to choose from, UCL students are spoiled for choice. (Finding a space? That’s a whole different matter, you’re on your own there…)

Here’s what the library you’ve fallen in love with says about you.

Main Library 

Ah, the most Instagrammable of them all. You can try and deny it, but the truth is that you would be studying in an Oxbridge college if you’d gotten in. Luckily, the Law Section is suitably prestigious and imposing enough for you to almost imagine you’re there.

You’re romanticising your way through your degree. Manifesting success from that dark academia energy. I’m slightly intimidated by your “influencer-perfectly-dressed-perfect-grades” energy.

Science Library 

If this is actually your go-to spot, I actually respect your energy. You’re a down to earth, true student. Horribly coloured walls and clinically white lighting don’t bother you – if anything, they help keep you awake. You just want to find a space quickly and actually study – no need to be taking aesthetic photos of light streaming onto the desk, there is no natural light here.

Or, maybe like me, you’re camping out here for winter because a) The Main Library is too cold, or b) you came to campus past 11am and now there is not a single space to be found in any of your real go-to spots. Hang in there, the weather may get better, but the study spaces crisis will only get worse as the term goes on.

Student Centre 

If you are usually to be found at the Student Centre, you’re probably one of two types of people.

Either you came here at the crack of dawn (or before 10am, in student terms) to get a space, and are firmly in your own study bubble, blasting music in your headphones to drown out the noise.

Or, you came here to “study” – which means hang out with friends, laptops open but no words written, snacks strewn everywhere. You may say you come here to work, but really, you come here to have a good chat with your many friends – and possibly to try and get a UCLove post written about you.

Archaeology Library

 Can we be friends?

You’re a plant mum, nature lover, and you know all the best niche study spots around. A finder of hidden gems, you probably have the best music taste and style too.

You probably also get enough sunshine from those big windows to avoid London’s endemic vitamin D and serotonin deficiency. Who doesn’t want to be you?

Cruciform Library 

If you actually willingly choose to study here, you’re either a medicine student (fair enough) or you just enjoy studying in fluorescent lighting lit basements.

I imagine you’re probably a pretty confident person – you clearly don’t suffer from imposter syndrome when all the medical students complain about you stealing their spaces.

SSEES Library 

I’m a little bit terrified of you.

This is by far UCL’s scariest library. If you choose to study here, you either have no fear, or you are one of the people who glare when someone’s chair squeaks.

The SSEES building may be a little too in character with its iron bars and brutalist architecture – but guys, it’s not actually a police state… right?

IOE Library 

Are you a nostalgic person?

You were probably a high-flying, teacher’s pet type in school if you willingly choose to recreate your school library’s environment. Those stained blue carpets, falling ceiling panels and copies of textbooks and The Hunger Games on the shelves couldn’t make you feel more at home.

You were an academic weapon then, and you’re determined to keep up the energy now.

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