LMSS Scandal: Student Medics request formal proceedings against University

‘The Petitioners’ claim that the University has failed to comply with its own regulations and have complained to the Ombudsman for Higher Education.

Liverpool junior doctors tell us their side of the strike

We asked protestors and student medics their opinions

Junior Doctors have been striking outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital

“The Government know it’s wrong, yet they are still pressing ahead.”

Legendary Janet Beer talks LMSS and sexism on International Women’s Day

“What is so scary about an educated woman?”

Don’t pretend you hate LMSS, we all fancy medic boys really

They’re just so good with their hands

Vice Chancellor launches formal investigation into the Guild

Just when you thought everything had mellowed out

Medigate continues: Guild releases statement about why they axed LMSS

Basically because of girls, boys and money

Medigate scandal: Medic sets up petition to oust Guild President

It currently has over 100 supporters

The Guild have axed the Medics society

LMSS has been dropped due to a ‘number of negative reports’

Here’s what you had to say about the MedSoc Vs Guild drama…

Some of you hated it, others loved it. Some didn’t give a shit

‘James Bondage in Hymens aren’t forever’: Read the Medsoc musical filled with ‘horribly misogynistic rape jokes’

This is seriously embarrassing