Vice Chancellor launches formal investigation into the Guild

Just when you thought everything had mellowed out

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As of yesterday, Janet Beer the Vice Chancellor of the University has launched an investigation into the conduct of the petition started by LMSS and their complaints. 

This decision follows a series of events that began last month, that kicked off when the Guild axed the Liverpool Medical Students Society (LMSS) after a series of complaints as well as LMSS Officers failing to co-operate with Guild recommendations.

The original complaints into the society date back to November 2014 when a leaked script was discovered for the LMSS smoker.

In response to the society being de-ratified, members of the LMSS started an online petition calling for a vote of no confidence in Harry Anderson as President of the Liverpool Guild of students, for his handling of the situation

The petition, which was established on, accumulated over 1000 signatures.

On the petition, an update was made last night, signed by The Petitioner’s. It read: “Following the mishandling and lack of  impartiality shown during the petition process, the petitioners formally complained to the University of Liverpool’s Vice Chancellor, citing unfairness and the ‘changing of goalposts’ when the Guild discovered they were losing.

“This evening, Professor Janet Beer has replied, announcing that a Formal Investigation will commence to discover the facts and we will cooperate with this investigation where required.

“We are sorry that we could not secure the result which we were all entitled to, but we did not anticipate that the Guild would impose the extra-conditions that it did.”

The Tab have contacted the University for a statement and Harry Anderson for comment.