Build your dream Christmas dinner and we’ll put you in a Lancs college!

Dreaming about pigs in blankets xoxo

You’ve probably been dreaming about a family roast since you left home for uni, and soon your dream roast dinner will be served to you on Christmas day. Whether you’re going out for Christmas dinner at uni or cooking it with your mates, you have to admit, it still isn’t the same. You might have spent the last three years perfecting your roasting skills in preparation for your final Christmas with your best friends, or maybe you’re just learning how to boil sprouts, but it’s okay because a uni Christmas is allowed to be messy. That’s what makes it fun.

So, in the spirit of an imperfect Christmas dinner, we’re letting you build your own to determine which college you should actually be in. Maybe you put Quorn dinosaurs on your dinner and should be in Pendle, or maybe you’re a sucker for stuffing, in which case you’d definitely be in Furness. Whatever you love most about a roast, here’s your chance to build your dream Christmas dinner.

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