Tell us about your Lancs study day and we’ll match a Bridgerton quote to your personality

Sorrows and prayers to those suffering through exam season x

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story was released this month, and Charlotte and George’s love story has left us all sobbing over TikTok edits while the orchestral version of “Nobody Gets Me” plays over and over on our study playlists. The Bridgerton writers never fail to make us fall in love with their characters, and there are some lines that just refuse to leave our heads no matter how hard we try to move on. From Charlotte’s ruthless “sorrows, sorrows, prayers” to Anthony’s swoon-worthy “you are the bane of my existence and the object of all my desires,” some of us will never forget the characters best quotes.

But unfortunately, ‘tis the (exam) season, and since the world of ballgowns and soirees remains firmly out of Lancs students’ reach, we’ve made a quiz that will tell you exactly which Bridgerton quote best matches your personality based on how prepared you are for your deadlines this year.

Dear gentle reader, it is time to find your match.

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