Tell us about your day on campus and we’ll tell you which Jury Duty character you are

Jeannie is such a Grizedale girly x

Jury Duty, the new prank show which follows a fake court case where everyone is an actor apart from Ronald Gladden, who believes the entire case is real, has been taking over TV screens and TikTok pages everywhere.

With protagonist Ronald warming the hearts of the actors who were pranking him and the audience who clung on to his every word, we all want to believe we have a little bit of the show’s hero in us.

But we can’t all be Ronalds, and sometimes it’s good to accept the Barbara in us when we sleep through our 9ams, or the Noah when we’d rather stay up reading than going to Sugar for the hundredth time.

Now, you don’t need to worry, because we’ve compiled a quiz that will tell you exactly which Jury Duty character matches your personality, based on your perfect day on Lancs campus.

Please, just don’t be a James Marsden.


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