Here are all the different items you’ll spot a silly Exeter fresher wearing on campus

I would rather be caught dead than wearing purple

With Freshers’ Week about to be in full swing, here is your guide on how to spot fresh meat from a mile away – or how to not dress like an 18-year-old. Finding your feet can take a bit of time, but if you’re wearing any of these items of clothing around campus, you will devastatingly showcase your ignorance. We’ve all been there, wearing a purple going out top in our pristinely new Air Force 1s, but after one TP Wednesday you will learn the hard way. So here’s how to spot a silly fresh (if you’re into sharking) or how to avoid looking like one, whichever you prefer.

1. Any purple coloured item of clothing

The infamous rivalry between Exeter and Loughborough is common knowledge around campus and something that all Exeter students can unite together in. Sadly, freshers don’t get the memo until they’re swarmed by rugby boys at TP. If worn on a night out, the blasphemy will most definitely result in having to down a few pints (sorry not sorry, fresh).

2. Secondary school leavers hoodies

Freshly out of secondary school, those wearing leavers hoodies may find it hard to believe they have finally made it to uni. Wearing a leavers hoodie screams 18-year-old and that you spent the summer in Zante celebrating the end of your A-levels. Leave the hoodies at home.

3. Public/boarding school merch

Once a private school boy, always a private school boy; wearing their old school uniform is a constant reminder of that. Whether it be gym shorts adorning their former school’s logo or a hoodie from their old sports team. These freshers will quickly learn to realise that uni halls do not quite compare to the boarding school lifestyle.

4. Uni merch

Spotting an actual student on campus wearing a hoodie or t-shirt, acquired from market place, reading “Exeter” in large bold letters is a rare sight. However, when spotted, the person can only be one of two things: a fresher, or an eager visitor.

5. Lanyards

Certain freshers may get a bit over excited when moving into halls and choose to utilise the free lanyards you can get all over campus. This is perfectly socially acceptable, however wearing them around your neck is a bit too far. The enthusiasm will be needed throughout Freshers Week but save it for the events. Everyone on campus has a key, you don’t need to show yours off.

6. The ‘out from under’ Urban Outfitters corset

Staple “going out tops” are essential at any university, however this corset has been so oversaturated that now everyone and their mum has been seen in it. This may have been cute in your small town Surrey house parties, but you’re now growing up, some originality is needed.

7. Souvenirs from travelling

We get it, you found yourself in a Tibetan temple surrounded by monks, whilst trekking through the mountains. As a fresher it is a right of passage to make this your one and only personality trait. I’m here to break it to you that no established student will be wearing patterned Harem trousers clearly bought from a market, or a baby tee reading “Costa Rica Pura Vida”.

8. Crisp white new shoes

The obligatory before uni shopping trip with mummy is routine for us all. Clean trainers, especially Air Force 1s, are a sign one has not yet been to enough terrible Sin Mondays at Unit 1 or Dirty Beats at Fever. By the end of freshers, these trainers will have already been specifically appointed your club rat shoes.

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