If you have 13/15 of these summer accessories I guarantee you’re an Exeter student

8. Keys to a Volkswagen Polo (probably grey)

If you were looking for a step-by-step guide on how to dress for Exeter summer, look no further. Adorned with these 15 accessories, no one would ever question what university you attended; don’t even bother bringing your student ID out anywhere. One look at those thrifted trousers and everyone will know you’re an Exetah student through and through.

1. White linen trousers

This should not come as a shock to anyone who has ever set foot in Exeter. The blinding flash of white trousers is simply an occupational hazard and one to be expected when around Exeter students in the summer, especially on campus.

2. Tiny scarves

Don’t ask me why we are wearing scarves in summer.

3. Tote bags

A classic. Beach-friendly, town-friendly, library-friendly, and, most importantly, Impy-friendly, the tote bag is an absolute summer staple for any Exeter student. It is a vital accessory, challenged only by the tiny handbag from Urban Outfitters. Fortunately, in most cases, the tote bag trumps all.

4. Ralph Lauren, everywhere

The grip that Ralph Lauren has on the students of this university is something that should genuinely be studied in a laboratory. No matter the weather, you will see this logo, be it on a polo or a jumper, carelessly tossed over the shoulders of who I can only presume is probably a Business student.

5. JBL speaker

A non-negotiable – extra points if it’s the one with a strap. No Exmouth trip is complete without it, or its lesser relative, the Beats pill.

6. Tiny sunglasses

Tiny sunnies were a trend I thought certain to vanish after a year, but nevertheless, it is one  that continues to grip Exeter’s finest students. Evidence below:

7. Signet ring

Real or fake, some sort of family heirloom is a necessary addition to any self-respecting Exetah student’s jewellery collection.

8. Keys to a Volkswagen Polo

If you were to play a drinking game involving shots, Volkswagen Polos, and Danes Road, it’s safe to say no one would be making it out of the pres. Every fourth car on the street seems to be a grey polo and almost all of them have been named something like Gertie. However, for all the stick that they get, this car will get you to Cornwall and back for your summer day trip without breaking down, which is more than I can say for the Mini Coopers of Vic street.

9. A film camera

How else are we expected to document our house-holiday to Croatia? Why would we take pictures for free when we could pay to have them developed? How else will we flash our cash?!

10. A giant water bottle

Gym rat or not, it is an expectation that all Exeter students remain hydrated this summer by an unnecessarily gigantic water bottle that they must carry with them at all times. No exceptions.

11. A beach towel

This towel will be repurposed for every single outdoor trip you go on. Beach towel, picnic blanket, yoga mat, you name it. It is an expectation that, at any time, you could be invited to Exmouth, so  you should always have the proper equipment prepared. In this case, a towel, probably from Wilko.

12. A Hijacked bracelet

There’s nothing like a five day old Hijacked bracelet to let people know you go to Exeter – and also that you’re a first year. Seriously though, take it off.

13. A railcard

You will be needing this for your numerous trips to Exmouth and Cornwall this summer, trust me.

14. Some form of society stash

Be it a bucket hat, a towel, a t-shirt, a tote bag or a jumper, you must own some form of Exeter merch that can be whipped out at any given time. Extra points if this stash is from either the Tennis, Snowsports or Rugby societies.

15. Swimming trunks

You will likely never actually use these to swim. Even in summer, the sea is freezing cold. The only time you will ever use swimming costumes are to tan, or underneath a wetsuit, unless you’re one for braving the cold. However, I recommend bringing a pair of swimming trunks to uni anyway, just to remind yourself of why you decided to come in the first place; the weather’s better here than up North, even if the nightlife isn’t.

It’s definitely not just because you didn’t get into Durham…

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