11 reasons you should immediately start writing for The Tab Exeter

From a purely objective POV x


Given you’re reading this right now, I’m going to bet there’s a one hundred per cent chance that you will have come across The Tab. Everyone’s favourite news site for Exeter Uni (*not yet statistically proven), we’re known for getting around, covering everything from boys who ask for vape-breaks mid-way through sex, to what the lecturers wish you knew about the strikes – we truly do it all.

Ever get FOMO reading our articles? Secretly think you’re Carrie Bradshaw? Think we publish absolute drivel and think you could do better? (Yes, I am beefing out a hater who had the audacity to slide into my DMs). Why not come and write for us? Our next open meeting is Friday 24th February, 5-6.30 pm at The Ram. Still not convinced? Here’s 11 reasons why you should join us:

1. You can literally write about w h a t e v e r you want

Want to publicly slag off an ex / housemate? Worked out which Love Island winner  you’d be based on your halls? Want to rate all the best curly fries in Exeter? You can do it all… (within reason). Nowhere else offers this level of freedom with what content you can produce, so you may as well take advantage of it whilst you can.

2. The chance to have your writing featured on a national news site

As well as our Exeter site, there is The Tab UK – a national site which regularly features some of our top articles. Not only will you get to connect with some banging professional editors from HQ, you’ll get to send your mum a screenshot of your little article on a big news site – something to soften the blow of letting her know you’re eight weeks behind on your actual work.

3. Shit tonne of free stash

Is there anything better than merch? Free merch. Enough said.

4. Having zero deadlines

Possibly the only place in Exeter where you have zero deadlines or responsibilities. Whether you write three articles a week (lol – no-one does), or one the entire year, it doesn’t matter. You work at your own pace and send stuff in to your *ahem* incredibly talented editor when you’re ready.

5. We’re more than just writing…

Yeah yeah our site is great but have you SEEN our Insta and TikTok? With enough Exeter student based memes to make you forget you’re dangerously in your overdraft, it’s also got a brilliant sister TikTok account too. They both great opportunities to create content for. Can any other student say they’ve got an 11.4k audience? (They don’t have to know you’re not talking about your personal one).

6. Bulking out your CV

Speaking of gloating about impressive things you’ve done, writing / creating content for us is a great thing to add to your CV. Again, it can be just the one article you’ve done – they don’t need to know they specifics. Also, as our site is entirely digital, all your work is there forever so it can be accessed as an example of your writing brilliance whenever you need it. Everything you write is hyper-linked to a personal author page, so when you type your name into Google, you get flooded with things you’ve written.

7. Join a really impressive list of alumni

Ex-Tab writers from across the country have gone on to write for some of the biggest media companies including: Vogue, the BBC, and The Times to name a few. The Tab is a respected news site, so it can give you a bit of gravitas when you’re desperately, frantically applying for grad jobs.

8. The really cool editors

Again, not biased in the slightest, it’s just a fact x

9. The potential to snoop on the Library Crushes replies

Cue you finding out you and your bestie sent each other’s name in because you are true hype girls.

10. The chance to rig Fashion in the Forum and get yourself featured in it

Sometimes it’s more about the final outcome, not how you got there… (this hasn’t actually happened before, but never say never).

11. Kickstart a Bridget Jones style career / life

No fuckwit boyfriends allowed (any more…)

Want to write stories like these? Come to the open meeting on 24th February, 5-6.30 pm at The Ram, or DM us @thetab.exeter or our editor in chief @hermione_blandford.

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