37 things I wish I could have told my Exeter fresher self

My quick fire advice to prevent those silly fresh moments

Alarmingly soon, I will be leaving university. After what feels like the shortest (and yet longest) period of my life, I have decided to set down the advice I would now give to my fresher self. She would not have listened, of course, she rarely listened to her online lectures. As a third year, I would seem so unfathomably old and scary to her that my advice may have well come in Latin. Feel free to take my advice seriously or not.

1. Pret does not have that good coffee and you will waste your money on it.

Their sandwiches, however, are great so you can get them (on occasion).

2. You are the sum total of the ten people you spend the most time with.

Choose wisely and get rid of those who are bad news.

3. Just because you’re in the same flat does not mean you have to be best friends.

It’s okay to dislike someone purely on the basis they cannot wash up and never come out of their room.

4. Course mates are usually very similar to you so keep them close.

And they often come in handy when you are crying over the course content.

5. Don’t tell people or ask about grades.

It will always make one of you feel bad and it doesn’t matter.

6. Go outside more.

Don’t stay in your dirty flat for too long, you may be poisoned.

7. Grades are important but making friends and memories is just as valuable – especially in first year.

This will help you more in the future than getting a first in a year that doesn’t count.

8. You don’t have to be friends with everyone.

Uni is the first time you are properly allowed to choose your friends – be picky…

9. Early mornings seem great and productive but you will regret not lying in more when you’re older.

Sleep is sooo important and you will have the rest of your working life to be up at 6 am.

10. Try to squish the feeling of ‘FOMO’.

There is plenty of time for fun experiences and sometimes not going is actually the better option.

11. Go out drinking now before you prefer staying in with a bottle of wine.

You get to third year and clubbing is your worst nightmare.

12. Joining sports societies is not essential and don’t feel like you’re missing out.

This will save you money too (to spend on Pret sandwiches).

13. Spending more than £5 on a TP ticket is never worth it; whatever the occasion.

Remember: that is only the price to get in, not including going upstairs or getting a cheeky Venom.

14. Pres is always more fun.

And getting ready is EVEN better – especially in a house with people you love.

15. VKs will always give you spots and will never get you drunk.

Repeat after me: nothing good will come from drinking something that is purposefully blue.

16. Never go home with rugby boys.

Or football boys for that matter.

17.Wine and cheese nights are always a good idea.

(Unless you’re lactose intolerant).

18. Candles in wine bottles are cool.

They give a nice atmosphere to any occasion and you can get away with it whilst you’re in your twenties.

19. Don’t get a bob on a whim.

And never ever try to cut it yourself – drunk or sober.

20. Nose rings do not look good on everyone.

Unless you are someone who found yourself in Bali.

21. Nobody ever looks bad wearing black.

And your clothes do not all have to be oversized.

22. Don’t always follow the trends.

Find what you like and feel good in.

23. Vaping does not look cool and is a more expensive habit than you realise.

And you will smell like a Chewit.

24. Splurge on a perfume that will be your everyday.

Be that girl who has a signature scent.

25. Stop saving everything for a ‘special occasion’.

There aren’t that many of them – be extra, wear it now.

26. Say ‘yes’ to more things but don’t be afraid to say ‘no’.

Do only what you want but don’t miss out on opportunities due to laziness or even worse, fear.

27. Laughing with friends is the whole point of life.

So do it often.

28. AirPods will always fall out your ear.

It’s the recovery that matters.

29. Wash up glasses before the dishes.

You will thank me later.

30. Your gin and wine glasses will always smash so buy cheaply.

You can get nice ones when you’re living with people who play Jenga with the draining board.

31. Take off your makeup at night.

Even if it is just with a makeup wipe.

32. Change your sheets more often.

You feel ten times better.

33. Do not waste your time waiting for the next thing.

Try to appreciate the now.

34. Don’t slide in beer – you will break your wrist.

However fun this seems at the time, you will not be laughing when you have a smelly cast on.

35. There will come a time where you hate fake tan.

And you will probably look better for it.

36. Subtle makeup is usually a good idea especially if it will make you feel more confident.

Bit of mascara and concealer makes everything better.

37. Get a heated airer.

It will change your life.

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