All the people you see in the library who ruin your life more than exams

Can you stop being annoying signs up to work for Durham bank

‘I gotta feeling’ this is going to be a strange collaboration

Philosophy freshers were told to answer the wrong number of questions in exam

What would Plato say to this

Durham University is the 4th best in the country

…according to The Guardian’s 2018 league tables

Durham hero leaves money for stressed students at vending machine

Not all heroes wear capes…

Loft may finally be getting a proper smoking area

Cheapskates just got a whole lot better

There’s a website saying Klute’s building is for sale

This is bad. This is really bad.

Lucky Durham students run into Chris Hemsworth at Bill’s

…and drink his leftover wine

Durham’s best dressed of the week

They look so good you feel inadequate

Everything you learnt at Durham but should’ve already known

School I miss you

Chris Hemsworth rolls into Durham in a blacked out Range Rover for Avengers filming

The Cathedral is buzzing today

Stop demonising students for voting Tory

Hate the policies, not the people

What you did over Easter according to your college

Besides not revising obvs

Confirmed: Filming at Durham Cathedral is for next Avengers film

The Avengers crew have blown their disguise

Apparently the next Avengers film is being filmed in Durham Cathedral this coming week

The assumption is backed up by evidence

Durham University is the 6th best in the country

…according to the Complete University Guide 2018