Exclusive: Durham University Islamic Society has been handing out booklets encouraging terrorism

‘Every Muslim should be a terrorist to anti-social elements in society’

A Cuth’s second-year passed away yesterday

The college is offering help to anyone affected

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QS University rankings places Durham 78th in the world

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will.i.am signs up to work for Durham bank

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Durham University is the 4th best in the country

…according to The Guardian’s 2018 league tables

Is Chris Hemsworth’s autograph for his fan at Chad’s the cutest story from his time in Durham?

It’s confirmed: he is a legend

Durham hero leaves money for stressed students at vending machine

Not all heroes wear capes…

Loft may finally be getting a proper smoking area

Cheapskates just got a whole lot better

Lucky Durham students run into Chris Hemsworth at Bill’s

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Samuel Jackson and Robert Downey Jr. to join Avengers crew in Durham


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