This is everything you could get done in Cardiff before your lecturers mark your work

Even winning a game of Bingo Lingo doesn’t take this long

With the marking boycott in full swing here in Cardiff , no one really knows when (or if) the work we’ve put our blood, sweat and tears into will actually be marked. It’s safe to say that we’ll probably be waiting for a while, so with that in mind, let’s have a think about all of the things in Cardiff that we could still make happen before we finally receive our fates.

Queue for YOLO

No matter how early you get there, queueing for YOLO always takes an eternity and seems to include a near-death experience. Sounds just like writing a dissertation tbh.

Wait for your housemate to take the bins out

The bins in the kitchen might be overflowing but will that stop your housemate from piling on more rubbish? Absolutely not. Hell will probably freeze over before they realise it might be time to break out a new bin bag, or in this case we might actually find out if we passed the year first.

Find a taxi after Fight Night

Getting home after Fight Night is no joke. Unless you’re organised and have a taxi pre-booked, you could be stranded at the venue for hours before an Uber comes to your rescue. The early bird catches the worm, but even if you completed your diss months ago you’ll still be waiting an eternity to find out if it’s actually any good.

Win a game of Bingo Lingo

We’ve lost count of the times we’ve been to Bingo Lingo and do you know how many times we’ve won anything? Zero. Not even a measly t-shirt. But hey, with all this extra time on our hands we might finally have a chance. Who even needs a degree when you could walk away with an inflatable dinosaur…right?

Get that one person to contribute to the group project

You know exactly who we’re talking about, and if you don’t then we’d be willing to guess that you actually are that person. It takes them weeks to realise that they’re part of a group project in the first place and then another few months to produce one sentence for your final presentation. It’s a miracle that the thing even gets submitted, let alone marked.

Find a space in the library

Honestly, we’re not even sure why you’d try at this point.

Get served in the Prince of Wales on rugby day

Whether you choose to battle the crowd at the bar or risk ordering on the app, it’s safe to say that those drinks will take their sweet time getting to you. If you wait just long enough you may actually get your results and your celebratory pitcher at the same time.

Watch a Delboy show

Okay, maybe this one shouldn’t be on the list. Nothing about watching Delboy is long or unpleasant, let’s just move on.

Queue for Live Lounge on a Saturday night

They say time flies when you’re having fun, but when you’re in the queue waiting to have fun it definitely drags a bit. Hang in there, though, it’ll be worth it in the end…just like waiting for the outcome of this degree (we hope).


We’re not even joking. Good luck, Class of 2023, you’re going to need it.

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