The weirdest and wackiest ways to procrastinate doing your uni work in Cardiff

Because who doesn’t want to visit every Greggs in Cardiff when they’re meant to be revising, right?

Admit it: you’re a procrastinator. You’re probably procrastinating right now by reading this article. Sometimes we just have to do a load of really random and unhelpful things before we sit down at the desk and get down to it. If this is you and you’re stuck for ways to procrastinate then don’t worry, we’ve got a list of delightfully weird and wacky things that you can do to get all of that hyperactive energy out of your system before you finally get writing.

Greggs Golf

Pub Golf has long been a Friday night favourite, but this time let’s swap the hangover from hell for a fabulous food coma with a round of Greggs Golf. First pop into Primark for some sausage roll sliders, then see how quick you can pop into all twenty of the Cardiff branches and pick up a pasty each time. If you fancy something even more challenging then there are 24 stores of Tesco in Cardiff, how many meal deals can you manage in an afternoon?

Time for a Toby… or even a Taf

Never study on an empty stomach. If the sound of tender cuts of meat, awash with rich thick gravy, pillows of crisp yet fluffy Yorkshire puddings and golden roast potatoes leaves you weak at the knees then pile your plate high at The Taf (£7.49 on Sundays). Oh and don’t forget dessert, no roast is complete without a hearty helping of apple crumble to round it off.

IKEA trip

Start with a browse of the showrooms, pretending you live in the mini maisonette mock-ups. Then sniff every single one of the many scented candles in the market hall and rate them all from 1-10. Finally, treat yourself to a dozen dirt cheap hot dogs, squishy cinnamon buns and a pot or ten of meatballs with lingonberry jam and gravy from the ground-floor bistro. Oh and don’t forget your packet of frozen meatballs to take home.

Walk Like Rihanna

Slap a bit of scarlet lippy on, reach for your favourite shades and head into town with headphones in and tunes on top volume. Then retire to your private writing quarters (otherwise known as the Centre for Student Life) and you’ll be rockstar-ready to write. Dissertation? No big deal. You’ve just completed a world tour, for goodness’ sake.

We’re going to Barry-bados

Three trains an hour run from Cathays to Barry Island, costing only £4 return. So what better reason to grab your friends (or take a solo trip), grab a cozy picnic blanket, and make your way down to the home of Gavin & Stacey for the day? You could share your picnic with the seagulls on the beach, enjoy getting stuck on the fairground rides, brave the icy waters or just relax as you breathe in that sea air and forget your exams ever existed.

Big Tesco haul

We don’t know anyone in Cardiff who calls Tesco Extra by its proper name. It’s Big Tesco to us, and boy, is it big. There’s just something so irresistibly comforting about stuffing your trolley full of Pot Noodle, Wispa Bites, Red Bull, a bumper bag of Doritos – oh, and is that Smirnoff on offer? Splash your cash, and treat yourself to your favourite home comforts but don’t forget to scan or tap your Clubcard. Thank you for shopping at Tesco.

Write an article for The Cardiff Tab

Okay, maybe slipping this one in is a little cheeky but writing can be extremely therapeutic and this could be your ticket to becoming a famous journalist. Why not give it a go? Plus, we’re definitely not procrastinating right now by writing this article.

Day drink

And if all else fails, there’s always Misfits. Bottomless brunch, anyone?

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