Roald Dahl

REVIEW: Are You Sitting Comfortably?

HOPE MCNULTY went to see Roald Dahl’s anthologies brought to life at Corpus

Downing Ball Launch Review


Esio Trot

HANNAH MIRSKY recommends this occasionally smug but always charming production of Roald Dahl’s great tale.

James Mitchell

Trouser bulges and ill-judged jokes. It’s JAMES MITCHELL in his new column.

Interview: Quentin Blake

ESTHER HARDING talks to world-famous illustrator QUENTIN BLAKE about stereotyping, Roald Dahl’s characters and becoming successful.

Tell Me Something True

We asked readers to send in three sentences about themselves; one true and two complete bullshit. See if you can guess which are true.

Tab Rates vs. Tab Slates

This weeks highlights include Elvis and mozzarella, but Jedward is going down.