marlowe society

REVIEW: Measure for Measure

Shakespeare’s meditation on vice and virtue has been marvellously brought to life by the Marlowe Society at The Cambridge Arts Theatre.

REVIEW: Living Quarters

Joanna Taylor thinks this was a darkly funny show which didn’t quite live up to expectations.

Review: HATCH

JOSSIE EVANS escapes revision for an evening and finds it really rather pleasant.

Doctor Faustus

HANNAH MIRSKY was impressed by the acting, but the production wasn’t up to scratch.

Dido Queen of Carthage

Culture Editor RIVKAH BROWN feels that the Marlowe Society’s latest offering falls a little short of expectations.

Freshers’ Guide to Cambridge Theatre

Theatre Editor CAITLIN DOHERTY shares her top tips on how to make it in the world of Cambridge theatre.


AMI JONES makes entirely appropriate dick jokes in the course of reviewing the Marlowe Society’s May Week effort.

Much Ado About Nothing

MATILDA WNEK revels in the revels of a production which reveals what’s been there all along. Awwww.

Interview: Carl Heap

KIERAN CORCORAN talks to expert director CARL HEAP, who is directing The Marlowe Society’s production of ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. And has a bit of an obsession with oranges.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 2

The Theatre Guide Dog broke out of jail too, but still took the time to give you the theatre fix you crave. He’s so loyal it might as well be proverbial.

The Alchemist

BEN BLYTH finds a production that betters the play, and tells Cambridge theatre to up its game. Ian McKellen does not comment.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)

ANNA SHEINMAN has a laugh, with caveats.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 1

TOBY PARKER-REES leads you through the methadone (not mephedrone) dreamscape of the week’s theatrical events.

Mumps Madness

Promising ADC production ‘The Alchemist’ has been cancelled after an outbreak of mumps.