Theatre Guide Dog: Week 1

TOBY PARKER-REES leads you through the methadone (not mephedrone) dreamscape of the week’s theatrical events.

agamemnon ajar complete works of william shakespeare abridged Footlights frisky and mannish Good For You greek play Magpie marlowe society stump Theatre toby parker rees. alchemist

October 7-13th

You may be a fresher, you may be a finalist, you may be an older gentleman from Ely looking to scare up some student strange in a playhouse context. Whoever you are, there is theatre for you this week. It might not be good, but it is. And some of it is good.

Footlights in Good For You Until the 9th

Returning from a transatlantic tour for their second run at the ADC. This show improved immensely between Cambridge and Edinburgh, and may have done so again between Edinburgh and the bloated colonies. Or they may have forgotten their roots and started solo projects and married Katy Perry. Find out at 11.

Frisky & Mannish 8th

Student lolz. Worthwhile if you are a student who likes to laugh out loud and then acknowledge this fact with an acronym. The Junction at 8.

Magpie & Stump 10th

They were far more popular in Edinburgh this year than they currently are in Cambridge – this can only be a good thing. That said, we have always been a fan of our Film Editor Rob Young’s comedic efforts.  Find out if they offer comedy beyond Cambridge comedy at 9.30 in Trinity.

Ajar 12-16th

New writing is good because there are no preconceptions. It is bad because there are no safeguards against it being awful, like prior reviews. Don’t worry, indecisive readers; the Tab will decide whether you should go or not, just wait for our review. Corpus Playroom at 7.30.

The Alchemist 12-16th

Ben Jonson is the least good of the second tier of Renaissance playwrights. The poster for this play looks like the Klaxons doing an advert for washing up liquid. I am biased because I wanted to see the play when its original cast all had mumps last year. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather a play full of monstrous archetypes be performed by lumpen-glanded invalids rather than boring old normal people. Give it a go if you are unaffected by any of the above; ADC at 7.45.

Agamemnon – Cambridge Greek Play 2010 13-16th

One of Cambridge’s most impressively pointless traditions, watch the company guess how Classical Greek would have sounded. Aeschylus is more interesting than Sophocles and less complex than Euripides, so perfect for surtitling. Also the girls in it seem to enjoy posing in doorways, which is promising.

The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare (Abridged) 13-16th

See this if you lack the imagination to not see this. However polished it may be, it’s a shit play. And if you regret your Tab-sponsored decision to miss out, someone else will put it on next term. ADC, 11.