GEORGE TAKEI INTERVIEW: “Trump is more like a Klingon than a Starfleet Commander”

George Takei – activist, actor and social media superstar shares his chilling childhood story, his thoughts on Hollywood and Trump’s starring role in the Star Trek Universe.

Ai Weiwei, Nick Clegg, Heston Blumenthal, Lord Sugar and Hollywood legends galore

The Union lineup revealed

James Bond Director Sam Mendes in town for Peterhouse Freshers’ Play

He returned to his old stomping ground of Peterhouse and helped out with the Freshers’ Play

Apocalypse Soon?

KEITH WYNROE explains why an apocalyptic disaster is not as unlikely as we might think

Mark Liu: Week 4

Relationships are like Civilization 5 and should be stuck to on a one-year contractual basis. Yes, it’s the mathmo’s answer to Dr Phil: MARK is back.


With screenplay genius such as ‘Argo fuck yourself’, JACKSON CAINES manages to believe in both the plot and the quality of this Oscar contender from not-just-a-pretty-face Ben Affleck.

Oscar Predictions

JAMIE MATHIESON stakes his credibility on Hollywood liking gays, white people and Meryl Streep.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

ANNIE RAFF falls in love with Daniel Craig again. There are graphic sex scenes. Non-sequitur.

Johnny English Reborn

LEAF ARBUTHNOT is disappointed by Rowan Atkinson’s inability to make her spill at least a couple of bodily fluids in ‘Johnny English Reborn’.

In Conversation with Mark Kermode

Senior Film Critic HARRY SHUKMAN talks with loudmouth critic MARK KERMODE about his new book, national tour, and Zac Efron’s hair.

Cowboys and Aliens

QUENTIN BEROUD enjoys the combination of big, goey aliens and cowboys in silly hats in Cowboys and Aliens.

Rather Dame Than Damsel

BEN DALTON embraces old actresses and explains why it’s time to take down that Megan Fox poster and hang up Helen Mirren.

Four’s A Crowd

TOM WILLS on whether a trilogy becomes a quadrilogy and when enough Shrek is enough.

Let Me In

Meatballs, furniture, Eurovision, vampire films… DOMINIC KEEN finds one more thing that the Swedes do better than Hollywood.

L-gAy Confidential

LVJ shines a light on the murky world of celebrity sexuality: is it really OK to be gay in Tinseltown?

Dry Your Eyes, Mate

ELLIE PITHERS on why crying men should stay in the cupboard.