REVIEW: Little Shop of Horrors

Weird, Witty, Wacky and utterly Brilliant.

REVIEW: West Side Story

This fairytale of New York is as magical as ever.

REVIEW: CUMTS Gala Night 2016: Live in Living Colour!

Warning: ecstatic reviewer.

REVIEW: CUMTS presents the 24-Hour Musical!

Lia Johansen-Villanueva was treated to a night of musical anecdotes, all about the funny things that happened on the way to the theatre.

REVIEW: Pippin

Lia Johansen-Villanueva went to see Pippin and proceeded to fall utterly in love with three boxes, ten people, and a whole lot of magic.

Preview: BARE

BARE is set to have you dancing and crying with a strong musical score and talented cast

RENT Review

MARK DANCIGER is impressed by a phenomenal production despite struggling to follow some of the plot.

Review: CUMTS Gala Night – Magic to Do

SAMANTHA BENSON is stunned by this night of musical theatre, which showcased exceptional talent and phenomenal performances

Review: The 24 Hour Musical – ‘New Year’s Eve’

SAMANTHA BENSON is stunned by this incredible night of music and laughter, all of which was pulled off in 24 hours

CUMTS Gala Night 2014

JOSH MARKS has plenty of fun at the CUMTS Gala Night despite some slightly dodgy singing.

Disney At Trinity

KIT FOWLER went expecting cheese but left wide-eyed and open-mouthed.

The 24 Hour Musical

FRANCESCA HILL was blown away by CUMTS’ musical depictions of the apocalypse.


CHLOE COLEMAN is pleasantly surprised by this all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza.


KIERAN CORCORAN has gotten theatrical diabetes from the end-of-term musical.

Some Enchanted Evening

ELLIE OGILVIE toe-taps and shimmies away them ol’ Week 5 blues.

High Society

JONNY SINGER is disappointed by a potentially-excellent musical which unfortunately couldn’t bring its long-game in outdoor conditions.

Jet Set Go!

JEFF CARPENTER soars on wings of camp musical glory.

Review: Wizard of Oz

Even the talented cast can’t save this shoddy production.