Preview: BARE

BARE is set to have you dancing and crying with a strong musical score and talented cast

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Just in case you’ve been dead to the world of social media these past weeks, this is a gentle reminder that BARE the musical is coming to an ADC near you on Tuesday, 12th May.

And it’s going to be good.

Really good.

We journeyed to the impressive wooden environs of Tit Hall music room last week to check out the team’s Sitzprobe. Needless to say, the cast sound fantastic. There’s some new faces alongside some old favourites. All have an impeccable range and work together brilliantly.

Joe Pitts- Image Credit – Johannes Hjorth

We’ll save describing the full spectrum of talent for the review but it’s worth noting that Joe Pitts gave an astoundingly heart-wrenching performance even in the run through, which contrasted excellently with Joe Spence’s effortlessly cool delivery of the rap ‘Wonderland’. Big up to the Joes.

Look at the level of cool – Image Credit – Johannes Hjorth

Considering the level of professionalism which came through a week before the real thing we are confident this will be sensationally slick. Plus the score is wonderful. If you’re looking for a catchy guitar or bass line to relieve exam term stress, then BARE is the show for you. Under the direction of Joe Beighton, (another Joe!) the band are very together and sounding excellent.

Director Sarah Mercer is clearly beyond pleased with its development so far (although she rejected all congratulations, putting it down to the band and her ‘superstars’).

Just some of Sarah’s superstars – Image Credit – Johannes Hjorth

Sounding fabulous.

The show follows Jason and Peter, who are struggling to come to terms with their homosexual relationship in a Catholic boarding school. While the story may be a sombre one (there are certainly some painfully upsetting moments), this show has a heck of a lot of sass to it and an energy reminiscent of RENT and Godspell. We went from bopping along to the beat of the drums and killer bass line (cool, we know) to sitting there quietly sobbing away at some of the sadder songs (Sam, not Phoebe, as she is a heartless wench).

Act 2 was tantalisingly kept from us, but we’ve been assured of its excellence and can’t wait to see it. Once the set, costumes, lights and sound get involved this show will surely be nothing less than superb.

BARE is showing at the ADC Tuesday 12 – Saturday 16th May, 7.45pm. Tickets are £14/11 with a discount available for opening night (£12/9). You can get them here.

Image Credit – Johannes Hjorth. Poster Design – Emily Newton

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