ADC theatre

REVIEW: Joseph Haydn’s “Surprise” Symfunny

Peter Curry found Haydn’s Surprise Symfunny funny, quirky, and energetic.

REVIEW: Footlights Presents: Xylophone

Boundless energy, slick performances and endless variety: The Footlights take us on a journey from A to Z.

REVIEW: Breathing Corpses

Luke Dell was captivated by the ingenuity of this brilliant play which was all at once moving, tense, and stimulating

REVIEW: Maskerade

Maskerade narrowly avoids making a hatchet job of Pratchett.

REVIEW: Dancing at Lughnasa

Friel’s Dancing at Lughnasa offers a gentle yet moving portrait of an impoverished Irish family, says Jamie P. Robson.

Why do girls love calling each other sluts?

The week 8 ADC late show Girls Like That follows a group of girls and explores the toxic, social-media dominated world we grow up in.

REVIEW: 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche

5 lesbians. 1 quiche. What could go wrong? Almost everything, Dani Cugini discovers, in this hilarious play.

REVIEW: 4.48 Psychosis

Dani Cugini is still recovering from this brilliant production

REVIEW: Coram Boy

Mark Danciger enjoyed a professional, but inconsistent, freshers show.

REVIEW: Frozen

Rosie Brown is gutted to discover that this isn’t a stage adaptation of the beloved Disney movie.

REVIEW: As You Like It

Dani Cugini decides that this warmly witty production is truly As She Likes It. (Get it? Get it? I’ll let myself out.)

A-Z of Cambridge, Part 1

So we have been here for longer than than you. Which, naturally, means that we know everything.


The time has come to start the TTA poll rollin’!

Review: Othello

A good show, if a little confused

Review: S.C.O.F.F.! – The Comeback Tour

WILL POPPLEWELL and ZAK GHAZI-TORBATI are impressed with a comedy that will only grow stronger as the run progresses.

The Double: Review

Relish this rambunctious rabble of ragged rapscallions

Review: Booby – A Sketch Show

OWEN BRAY is impressed by this ambitious sketch show, which lives up to its high expectations.

Review: Of Mice and Men

LOUIS SHANKAR is left uncertain by this ambitious production of Steinbeck’s novella


RICHARD WALTERS is impressed by this colourful piece of musical theatre with deep political undertones

Footlights Interview: Harry Michell

Footlights President of 2013 Harry Michell is returning to the ADC this week with a new show, ready for the Edinburgh Fringe. He talks to LARA FERRIS all about comedy and life out of Cambridge.