Seven alternative ways of spending Valentine’s Day this year

Because who even has time for a relationship here

Lol: lots of love this Valentine’s, or laugh out loud at being chronically single?

Here are seven slightly different ways to spend this special day.

College spouse > actual spouse ?

As I read in a recent Camfess, as of the 25th January freshers, our college children have now been ‘conceived’.

So what better way to spend this day than by strengthening the family relations? Spoons date? Film night? College family dinner sounds cute.

This silly little Cambridge tradition will help you feel like you’re actually in a relationship.

If you aren’t engaged yet, need I say more…?

Try not to be this family (Image credit: author’s own screenshot via @2Cam2Fess)

Find yourself the one (at Revs)

Make this week romantically productive because love actually is all around.

If you’ve been lucky enough to have already signed up to the RAG Blind Date night on Wednesday 15th, what a romantic way to spend the evening, all whilst giving to charity.

If you didn’t manage to sign up, the RAG Blind Date themed Rumboogie will always be on after. Maybe you’ll get your chance here – it’s practically blind dating every week anyway.

Image credits: Facebook @ Cambridge Rag

Make fun of ‘college puffer couples’

Venture out into town and make yourself feel better by remembering that you’d rather be single than be seen wearing matching outfits.

Maybe this is a bit harsh, but when they take up the whole path on Silver Street and force you onto the road, you can’t help but be bitter.

Guess I’m not the only one (author’s own screenshot via @2Cam2Fess)

Just another Tuesday in February

Ignorance is bliss. It’s just another day in Week 4.

Go about your day as if it’s like no other. Hopefully this time next year the famous day will feel a little more uplifting.

Cry at Moodle, not at being a hopeless romantic

Not only will Tuesday be a pain for all the single ladies out there, it’ll be a pain for the academic weapons too.

They’re switching Raven to the Microsoft login which means you’ll need to go through two-factor authentication every time Moodle signs you out.

Something else to moan about.

I think an owl from Harry Potter would be faster, frankly (Image credit: author’s own screenshot via @2Cam2Fess)

A trip to Orgasm Bridge

I am still yet to know its real name.

A little touristic outing with your friends to such a bridge is the perfect Valentine’s day treat, however childish it may be.

Tit hall bridge? (Image credit: author’s own screenshot via @2Cam2Fess)

Married to your degree

Yeah, unfortunately Valentine’s is a Tuesday and I don’t think Cambridge is sympathetic to that.

Guess my essay on the presentation of unrequited love will not write itself.

2 college husbands, but where is our wife? (Image credit:

And if all else fails, Pancake Day is shortly around the corner.

Feature image credits: Patrick Dolan

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