Applications to join The Bristol Tab’s editorial team are now OPEN

Applications close on Sunday 27th March

The Bristol Tab is read by thousands of students each month, and we are looking for a driven and ambitious team of editors to take on the next year.

We are run by Bristol Uni students who like being first – our story telling is brave, original and entertaining. Whether that’s breaking the biggest stories on campus, holding the university to account or writing the sharpest feature stories that everyone is talking about.

Applications for next year’s editorial team are now open. The positions available are: Editor-in-Chief, News Editor, Features Editor and Social Media Editor.

We’re particularly encouraging students from minority backgrounds to apply. If you feel like journalism isn’t typically accessible for people from your background, please do apply. You’ll have training from experienced editors to get you up and running.

The deadline for applications is 12pm, Sunday 27th March.

You don’t need to have written for The Bristol Tab before, but, as these are editorial roles, some journalistic experience would certainly help. If you have your own blog or have written for different publications in the past and are looking to step up your experience, you should definitely apply.

What you’ll be doing:


You will be responsible for overseeing every article published by The Bristol Tab and lead the direction of our coverage.

Day to day, you will work with section editors to make sure we are breaking big stories and publishing entertaining features.

Alongside this, you’ll be managing and editing individual writers, making sure The Bristol Tab has the most talented writers in our team.

This role is suited to somebody who is motivated and passionate to represent students. You will need to create strong working relationships and be able to manage your time effectively.

News Editor

You’ll be responsible for finding out all the most shocking scoops on campus.

It’s your responsibility to keep your finger on the pulse and to know a good story when you see one.

You’ll also write every week and support the Editor-in-Chief by editing articles.

You’ll be working on stories just like these:

Bristol Uni ends negotiations with Wills occupiers at eleventh-hour because students wore balaclavas

Exclusive: We spoke to the Bristol Uni student who graffitied on Senate House

Bristol Uni has run out of accommodation and is sending students to live in Bath

Bristol Uni students are paying £178-a-week to live in rat and silverfish-infested accommodation

Features Editor

You’ll be in charge of writing and editing our banging feature pieces.

The role allows you to be witty, educational, opinionated and creative in your writing.

It’s important you know what’s relevant, interesting and funny to the specific student audience at Bristol Uni.

You’ll be working on stories just like these:

If you ride a Voi around Bristol you will identify with one of these personality types

We’ve found the cheapest flights from Bristol for reading week and you can go on holiday for just £17

20 things you’ll only find on a Bristol Uni student’s Instagram

24 hours in the life of a Stoke Bishop fresh, are you as unique as you think you are?

Social Editor

This is a huge growth area for The Bristol Tab and we are looking for TikTok connoisseurs.

You will have an eye for the latest trends, memes and aesthetics as well as coming up with creative TikTok ideas to help develop our video journalism.

You’ll be responsible for managing our other various social media channels: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, helping to publish our stories and find new, original ways of reaching our audience.

This will include sharing articles, creating insta stories, finding and creating memes, uploading footage of events and making sure our student audience is always engaged and interacting.

This is a great position to go for if you want to see real audience growth, and gain experience in running social media channels (which looks great on your CV).

If you think you’ve got what it takes and want to apply for any of the advertised roles, please fill out this Google form.

The application deadline is Sunday 27th March, with successful applicants to begin their roles during April.

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