Birmingham City University student fundraises £7k in order to continue with her studies

International student Joanna Idowu was told she must pay half of the outstanding £14,500 by Friday

An international student at Birmingham City University has raised £7,000 in order to continue her studies.

Joanna Idowu was told she must pay half of the outstanding £14,500 by Friday in order to continue her degree.

She received more than £7,000 in crowdfunding and has been granted a payment plan as an “exceptional case” in order to continue her studies, BBC reports.

Originally from Nigeria, Joanna set up the online crowdfunding page as a last resort due to financial problems. With only four months left in her bachelor’s degree in media and communications, Joanna’s tuition had previously been covered by an extended family member, who was unable to keep up with the payments due to “Nigeria’s socio-economic situation and devaluation of the naira”.

The university told Joanna she was able to to continue her studies as an “exceptional case”, providing that she paid the  £7,250 she had raised and planned to pay the rest through a payment plan. Joanna said: “It’s not been easy, it’s been overwhelming.

“I am also unable to self-fund as I can only work 20 hours a week in the UK, which I currently do as a recruitment assistant,” she wrote on her fundraising page.

After sharing her fundraising online, Joanna said she was “very happy” and “grateful” to those who donated, describing the support as “absolutely amazing”.

BCU said it offered support and advice to students facing financial hardship.

Speaking of her appreciation, Joanna said: “I just want to extend my gratitude to these people. I am so, so thankful for these people.”

A BCU spokesperson added: “Any discussions we have with individual students are on a case-by-case basis and remain confidential.”

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