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Cheers! The Russell Group uni cities where you’ll be forking out the most for a pint

The only ranking that really matters

Pints are just the solution to any problem at uni. Fallen out with your flatmate because they ate your leftover pasta bake? A pint will cheer you right up. Failed your module? Cheeky pint to drown your sorrows. Ran into your situationship in smokers? Pint! But with them being so bloody expensive now they might not actually be the best way to cheer yourself up.

But if you do want to head to the uni with the cheapest pint, thanks to new data from student accommodation provider, Now Students, we can reveal the Russell Group uni cities with the most and least expensive pints.

Of course, shock horror, pints in London are going to set you back the most. So if you go to a London Russell Group like UCL, LSE or Imperial, you’re looking to pay an average of £6.50 per pint. This is closely followed by pints in Oxford for an average of £5.72.

But when you get yourself back up north you really get the best value for money with the cheapest average pint being at Durham with an average of £4.25 followed by £4.35 at Sheffield.

So here are the Russell Group uni cities, ranked by how much a pint will set you back by:

12. Durham – £4.25 average per pint

11. Sheffield – £4.35 average per pint

=10. Nottingham – £4.50 average per pint

=10. Birmingham – £4.50 average per pint

=10. Cardiff – £4.50 average per pint

=10. Glasgow – £4.50 average per pint

=10. Newcastle – £4.50 average per pint

=10. Warwick – £4.50 average per pint

uni pint

9. Liverpool – £4.58 average per pint

8. Leeds -£4.60 average per pint

7. Southampton – £4.95 average per pint

6. Edinburgh – £5 average per pint

=6. Bristol – £5 average per pint

=6. Exeter £5 average per pint

5. Cambridge – £5.25 average per pint

4. York £5.40 average per pint

=4. Manchester – £5.40 average per pint

3. Belfast – £5.50 average per pint

2. Oxford – £5.72 average per pint

1. London – £6.50 average per pint

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