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Harriett has finally responded to all the TikTok videos mocking her iconic Love Island walk

Strut of the century

I miss Harriett Blackmore in the Love Island villa – but at least we have iconic TikTok content of her to feed on in her absence. The funniest trend to come out of this entire series on TikTok (apart from maybe cringe impressions of Jess) is everyone’s obsession and impressions of her hilarious walk she used to strut around the villa. So many videos have been made now of the Harriett walk from Love Island, with even other dumped Islanders having a go at doing it. Harriett has now finally commented on her legendary walk and the Love Island icon is honestly clueless at how funny she actually is.

The iconic walk in question is Harriett sort of lolloping her way through the Love Island villa, half slumping, hair flicking and clutching her arm. It’s hilarious.

Even dumped Islanders Samantha and Patsy got in on the laughs, doing an impression whilst they were on a night out with Harriett who can be seen at the end of the video laughing and flopping to do an impression of the thing she literally started.

With the Harriett walk going viral, it was only a matter of time before we needed the diva herself to actually speak on it. Thank god then that Cosmopolitan actually asked her what the walk was all about.

When asked if she’s seen the videos of fans mocking her iconic Love Island walk, Harriett said “I have but I honestly don’t understand what the arm is!? I literally… I never do that! So I’m really confused what I was doing with the arm. We had a joke every single day about my strut and Joey would rate it from like 1-10 on how funny it was.


Love Island’s Harriet’s forever the queen of the model walk ✨ #loveisland #harriet @harribby

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“But yeah, it’s just funny. My friends at home are just like, this is normal. She’s always walked like this! Trendsetter!”

But honestly, she must be held accountable because I can’t stop walking around like Harriett. My dogs are so confused.

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